Lendio | Embedded Lending™

Embed an AI-driven marketplace for small business loans with a single line of code!!

Unlock new revenue with Embedded Lending.

Your small business customers need capital. Help them access it right within your platform while driving engagement and LTV.

Digital application

A streamlined digital application seamlessly embedded within your site, skinned with your brand's look and feel.

Extensive lending options

Coverage for more small businesses with our diverse network of lenders and products.

AI-driven matching

Our sophisticated AI-driven algorithm matches customers to the right financing options.

Configurable marketplace

You control the lenders and products your customers have access to.

Embedded service

Our team of experts helps your customers when they need it, all within your platform.

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Why choose Lendio?

Our technology seamlessly embeds the largest small business loan marketplace directly within your ecosystem.

75+ lenders

providing coverage for businesses of all sizes and stages

5 seconds

to offer presentation after application completed

$15 billion

in small business funding over the last decade

A streamlined
customer journey.

Frictionless application

The loan application is seamlessly embedded within your site, skinned to your brand’s look and feel. Any customer data you have is pre-populated, reducing friction and increasing conversion.

Personalized financing options

Financing options are customizable, giving your small
business customers the ability to select a loan offer
and adjust the funding amount, terms, and options to meet the specific needs of their business.

Nurture communications

Lendio provides out of the box customer nurture
communications, ensuring that your customers have the support they need as they explore business financing. To be deployed through our CRM or your own.

Intelligent customer support

Self-service support and content is paired with on
demand high-touch engagement from Lendio’s highly trained, in house customer support team to address any questions your customers may have.

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Lendio’s approach to Embedded Lending.

  • An extensive network of top lenders
  • AI-driven loan matching algorithm
  • Expert help when it’s needed
  • A broad set of small business loan products
  • Digital-first self-service application

An elegant integration.

  • Simple to embed.

    Our Embedded Lending solution can be implemented on your site in a matter of days or weeks. Seriously.

  • Easy to configure.

    From look and feel to selecting which lenders, products, and rates you’d like to include, configuration is in your hands.

  • End-to-end experience.

    We don’t just embed an application. Communications, customer service, and support content are part of the package.

  • Powerful performance data.

    Your customers, your data. We empower you with the insights you need to drive performance within your embedded solution.

Enterprise support you can count on.

Implementation and support team

  • Dedicated account managers

  • Product support

  • Marketing resources

Detailed performance data

Visit our partner portal to get critical insights, analytics, and data about the performance of your Embedded Lending program.

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How does Embedded Lending help you serve your small business customers?

SMBs need funding and are often underserved by traditional financing institutions. Recent studies show that loan approval rates for small businesses applying to large banks are only 13.8%. SMBs often don’t know where to find funding and are overwhelmed by researching solutions.

Offering Lendio Embedded Lending within your platform allows you to solve a critical need for your customers while unlocking a new revenue stream and increasing customer lifetime value.

What kind of companies can implement Lendio’s Embedded Lending solution?

Embedded Lending has flexible implementation options to support any company with an authenticated experience that is accessed by small business owners.

Great candidates typically have a large customer population of small business owners who engage regularly with their authenticated experience.

Verticals we see high engagement from include:

- Human capital management platforms
- Payroll platforms
- Technology providers serving small businesses
- Retail platforms serving small businesses
- Insurance, taxes, and others

How long does Lendio’s Embedded Lending software take to implement?

Implementation, Legal, and Go-To-Market can occur within 3-12 weeks depending on requirements and approval timelines.

How is the Embedded Lending software deployed?

Installing the Embedded Lending software requires a few simple steps. First, install the embedded lending widget with a JavaScript code snippet. Then connect to our authentication API endpoint to securely share customer data, and to pre-fill the application if desired. The last step required is to set up a CNAME record to point to Lendio’s production servers.

How long does the loan application take?

Lendio’s embedded application takes less than 15 minutes to complete on average. The application is completely digital and self-service. Our team of experts is available to support your customers as needed through the application process.

What types of loans are available through the Embedded Lending experience?

Currently, term loans, lines of credit, and working capital advances are available through the Embedded experience. Product offerings will continue to increase as more lenders and funders join the Embedded platform.

Is the Embedded application customizable?

The user interface is configurable, meaning partners can easily change the fonts, colors, and graphic elements of the embedded experience to align with their brand.

What kind of support does Lendio provide?

Embedded Lending partners receive dedicated account managers who are supported by engineering, product, and marketing resources to ensure a seamless implementation.

Ongoing support includes both informal ad-hoc consultation as well as formal quarterly reviews of product performance and recommendations for optimization.