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Small Business Loans Options

Whatever your business needs, there’s a small business loan for that.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Gain quick access to cash by selling your purchase orders or receivables so you can get back to business as usual.

Loan Amount

Tied to receivables

Speed of Funds

As soon as 24hrs

Interest Rate

as low as 3%

Business Line of Credit

Get a revolving amount of funds to borrow from when you need to and pay back later.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

1-2 days

Interest Rate


SBA Loan

Cover just about every aspect of your small business. Some of the most common SBA loans are the 7(a), 504, and SBA Express.

Loan Amount

up to $5M

Speed of Funds

1-3 months

Interest Rate


Short Term Loan

Use it to cover unexpected costs, survive a slump, finance a short-term project, or even capitalize on a new business opportunity.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

As soon as 24hrs

Interest Rate

As Low as 8%

Business Term Loan

A term loan provides a lump sum that gets repaid in regular intervals over a set amount of time, also known as the loan term.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

As soon as 24hrs

Interest Rate

As Low as 6%

Business Cash Advance

A cash advance is a form of funding that offers businesses quick access to funds by borrowing against the money they will make. That borrowed money is then repaid through a fixed daily percentage.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

As soon as 24hrs

Interest Rate

As Low as 18%

Equipment Financing

Use this loan to purchase any kind of equipment your business needs. There are financing options for nearly every industry and any variety of items you need.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

As soon as 24hrs

Interest Rate

As Low as 7.5%

Commercial Mortgage

Use it to buy, build, expand, remodel, or even refinance your business.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

1-3 months

Interest Rate

As Low as 4.5%

Startup Loan

Invest in your own business. Instead of giving up equity to investors, a startup loan maintains your equity while accessing the working capital your startup needs to grow.

Loan Amount

Up to $150k

Speed of Funds

2-4 weeks

Interest Rate

Up to 31%

Business Acquisition Loan

Purchase an existing business or franchise, and take advantage of business opportunities even if you don’t have the capital to purchase it outright.

Loan Amount


Speed of Funds

As soon as 30 days

Interest Rate

As Low as 5.5%

Business Credit Card

A business credit card helps you track expenses, build a strong business credit history, and increase your working capital so you can reap the literal rewards.

Loan Amount

Up to $150K

Speed of Funds

2-4 weeks

Interest Rate

Up to 31%

How to Apply for a Business Loan

Sure, you can go the bank route with a long application process and 75% rejection rate. But if you’re looking for financing in this lifetime, Lendio offers a faster, easier application process.

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Minimum Requirements For Small Business Loans

Qualifications for being given funding will vary by loan product and lender.



Credit score requirements will vary by financing type and lender. While some options are available for scores in the 500s a minimum credit score of 600 will make it easier to qualify for a loan.



While some lenders may allow for 3 months and others may require 1-2 years, six months is a good rule of thumb to follow to improve your chances of qualifying for funding.



Lenders will want to see a minimum threshold of monthly revenue. Like the other requirements, the exact minimum will vary by lender and loan type.

Small Business Loan Application Checklist

When applying for a small business loan, you’ll need to have some materials at the ready to provide alongside your application. Those materials will differ depending on the specific type of loan you’re applying for and on the lender. Ultimately, you’ll need to provide whatever the lender requires from you.

Common documents you might need when applying for a business loan:

Your business plan, including how you plan to use the funds should you get them
Profit and loss sheet
Bank statements dating back at least three months
Business credit score

Business Loan Options For Underserved Small Businesses

Been rejected in the past? We stand up for the underserved helping thousands of minority-owned businesses get the financial resources they need to grow their businesses.

Small business loans for veterans

Lendio proudly works with veteran business owners. Learn more about how we’ve worked with veterans and the funding resource available to you.

Small business loans for women

Women-owned businesses apply for financing at similar rates to businesses owned by men but are less likely to receive the full amount they sought. We’re working to provide a better financing experience with speed, options, and trust.

Small business loans for minorities

Studies show that financing applications submitted by minority-owned businesses are 3 times more likely to get rejected. We’re making business financing accessible to historically disenfranchised business owners.

Which Small Business Loan is Right for You?

Deciding which loan is right for you should hinge on two questions: What do you need funding for? And where are you qualified to get funds from?

Think about what you plan to use the money for. Some loans are better suited to certain business needs, like equipment financing for buying new equipment or a line of credit for covering expansion costs. Consider these needs before choosing a loan product.

You should also think about how much funding you need. This will vary by lender and loan product too. So estimate how much you need and how much you need to borrow. Use our loan calculators to help you answer this question.

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Loan Calculators

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Business Loan FAQs

Small business loans are a category of loans and financial products a lender might provide to a small business.


The difference between unsecured and secured loans comes down to one thing: collateral. Secured loans are backed by collateral while unsecured loans are not. Understanding the pros and cons of each can help you narrow down which small business loan type is right for you.


Business loans are taken out by small business owners either through banks or online lenders. Amounts and loan requirements can vary quite significantly. The business owner will repay the loan over a set period of time along with any associated interest and fees.

There are many different types of business loans. A term loan will likely be the most familiar; the business owner borrows a set amount and pays it back over a set period with interest. Other forms of financing, such as a business cash advance or invoice factoring, borrow against future earnings or unpaid invoices. A line of credit gives you access to a sum of money that you can draw from as needed.

It is possible to get certain types of business financing with a lower credit score. Some business cash advance lenders, for example, will allow for a minimum credit score in the 500s. Just know that with a lower credit score, lenders will typically look for a longer time in business and higher monthly revenue.

There are a number of reasons your loan may be denied. Your funding manager will work with you to identify loans you are best qualified for through our network of 75+ lenders. Should you be unable to find a match, Lendio has accounting software tools that can help you improve the financial health of your business and guidance on how to boost your credit score.

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