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Mitchell Wynne

OCTOBER 13, 2021

Great company and customer service

This was the best experience I have ever had dealing with working capital financing. Anthony Melhado Senior Funding Manager was great to work with. If he said it you could believe it because he was very truthful and down to earth to deal with. I have been in the Construction industry for over 30 years and have deal with a lot of financing. Lendio and Anthony were great. Thanks again Anthony Melhado for your business and help on financing.

Daniel T

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

I’m forever grateful for…

I’m forever grateful to Jeff for delivering the line of credit that my business needed. We are a small construction firm and this LOC now makes it possible for us to go after more work without having to worry about how to fund the projects. This is an amazing time for our company and a game changer. We can expand our operations. Jeff was very professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of our needs. He delivered the line of credit in a quick turnaround.

James Black

APRIL 20, 2021

As a construction worker…

As a construction worker and small-time contractor, I know the hardship of the Covid pandemic. The stress can be through the roof. Lendio basically did all the work and it was a stressful process made very easy and pleasurable by their agent. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better group of professionals to guide me through this process. Thank you so much.

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How do construction business loans work?

A construction business loan gives working capital to small businesses or contractors within the construction industry, whether the focus is on residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects. While no loan products are specific to the construction industry, you can search for loan structures that make sense for your business model.

What is a construction business loan?

A construction business loan is a type of financing that caters to the financial needs of small businesses and contractors in the construction industry. These loans are structured to support a construction project’s unique cycle and requirements and provide funds for various purposes such as purchasing materials, hiring labor, bridging capital, or leasing equipment.

Unlike traditional business loans, construction business loans are disbursed incrementally based on project progression, which ensures that companies borrow only what they need at each stage, helping them manage their cash flow effectively. After project completion, these loans can often be converted into a longer-term loan structure for convenience and ease of repayment.

Where can you get a construction business loan?

When looking for a lender, you have several options, including private lenders, banks, credit unions, and the Small Business Administration (SBA). These lenders can provide loans for your construction business.

Private lenders
Also known as hard money lenders. Getting a loan from private lenders is often faster with less strict qualification requirements, but interest rates are typically higher.

Banks and credit unions

Banks and credit unions often offer more competitive rates and terms than other lenders, but qualification requirements are often more stringent.

SBA loans

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions often administer SBA loans which are backed by the Small Business Administration. These loans are less risky than other loan types but are often slower to fund.

How can you use a construction loan?

Acquire land

You’ll need to purchase a piece of land before building on it. Whether you’re building a house, a mall, or a hotel, you can use a construction business loan to acquire land for your building projects.

Purchase construction materials

Whether you’re in the residential or commercial construction industry, purchasing materials is crucial to making your project successful. A construction business loan can provide the capital you need to purchase the necessary materials before or throughout a project.

Compensate for labor

As a construction business owner, one of your biggest expenses will be the cost of labor. You can use a construction business loan to provide the fair compensation that your employees deserve.

Pay for subcontractors

At some point, you will likely need to hire subcontractors to complete specialized tasks in your building projects. A construction business loan can provide you with the capital you need to pay subcontracting fees.

Types of business loans for construction companies and contractors.

Asset or revenue-based financing

With asset-based financing, also known as invoice factoring—instead of waiting for clients to pay invoices—a funder purchases an invoice from the borrower at a discounted rate, which the business will then pay back to the funder as the business collects on the invoice. In contrast, revenue-based financing provides you a lump sum based on expected future revenue.


1-15 months

$1 million (revenue-based financing); $50 million (factoring)

Debt financing

With debt financing, a fixed lump sum is disbursed up front to the borrower. Then the borrower repays the principal, plus interest, in regular, fixed payments over a certain period of time, which makes it easier to budget for. Online term loans come with fast approvals and funding time. An SBA loan could get you access to a lower interest rate because it is backed by the federal government.


6 months-25 years

$5 million

Line of credit

A line of credit can be a helpful resource to have in place as a safety net while maintaining positive cash flow. It’s similar to a credit card in that you can borrow money only as you need it, instead of paying interest on a one-time lump sum right off the bat. A line of credit is ideal for emergency expenses and inconsistent cash flow issues.


6-24 months

Up to $250,000

Equipment financing

Most construction companies require some type of physical equipment, making equipment financing a popular choice in the industry. If you lease, the financing uses the equipment as collateral, so you can avoid putting up other assets as collateral.


1-5 years

$5 million


Each lender has its own criteria for financing approval. However, at Lendio, we have a few basic, minimum eligibility requirements in order to apply for a construction loan for business. First, the owner or primary applicant must have a personal credit score of at least 600. The company must also be in business for at least six months with a monthly revenue of $8,000.


Because there is usually no existing property to secure a construction loan, lenders take on a higher risk. To compensate for this risk, lenders will typically have businesses make a down payment of up to 20%. Depending on the type of loan, some borrowers may qualify for zero percent down.

Yes, there are construction business loan options for contractors. Contractors can apply for a variety of business loans to help their company, whether you need to even out cash flow, invest in new equipment, or expand your operations. You can learn more about business loans for contractors here.

The best loan for contractors really depends on your circumstances and financial goals. If you need to improve your cash flow, especially if you consistently wait for clients to pay invoices, an asset- or revenue-based financing loan may be best for you. Another great option for contractors is equipment financing, especially if you plan on purchasing your own heavy machinery in the near future. In this instance, you can use the equipment itself as collateral.

When you need funding fast, a lending marketplace is a great option. The application is simple and quick, you have a marketplace of many lenders to compare and choose from and the support of a funding manager throughout the funding process.

An SBA loan is backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, which encourages lenders to loan funds to businesses by offering an extra layer of financial security. For applicants, it means you may be able to access affordable financing even if you don’t qualify with a traditional bank. Rates are tied to the current prime rate and loan repayment terms are long. Plus, you may be able to qualify for larger loan amounts than an online lender or bank would normally offer.

Here are the three main types of SBA loans for construction companies to consider:

  • SBA 7(a) loan – Borrow up to $5 million for working capital, purchasing assets, or refinancing existing debt. You can also use the funds to acquire a competing construction company or buy out one of your current partners.  
  • SBA 504 loan Great for construction companies, a 504 loan can be used for assets like machinery, land, and buildings. 
  • SBA microloan – Just starting to grow your construction business? A microloan lets you borrow up to $50,000 to help you scale.

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