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How to Use The Business Loan Calculator

Estimate Your Payments

To make the best use of this business loan calculator, you’ll need a few additional pieces of information. The calculator requires the following:

You will get the estimated daily payment, weekly payment and total payment.

Estimate How Much You May Qualify For

You can also estimate how much you may qualify for if you take out a business loan. As soon as you fill out your information, the calculator will give you a range of dollar figures in which you may be able to borrow. This will give you an idea of the types of expenses you might be able to cover and whether or not you might need to seek additional financing from other sources. The inputs for this calculator include:

Business Start Date

This is the month and year your business officially started operations.

Annual Revenue

This refers to the total amount of money your business makes during a 12-month period.

Last Month’s Deposits

Last month’s deposits show how much money you deposited into your business bank account in the previous month.

Estimated Credit Score

This is where you select your business’ estimated credit score.

Terms and Explanation

Here are the essential pieces of information you’ll need to enter and notice as outputs on our business loan calculator.

Amount Seeking

This is the amount you’d like to borrow. Typically, your credit score and business revenue will determine how much you’ll receive.

Loan Term

Loan term is how long you’ll take to pay back your loan. Business loans can be anywhere from a few months to several years or even longer.

Estimated Daily Repayment

Some lenders will automatically withdraw funds from your bank account on a daily basis until your loan has been repaid.

Estimated Weekly Repayment

Lenders may also automatically withdraw funds from your bank account every week until you pay back your loan.

Total Repayment

Total repayment refers to the total amount you’ll pay for your business loan, accounting for principal and interest.

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A business loan calculator is designed to help you estimate your payments on a business loan. It can also give you a good idea of how much financing you might qualify for.


The monthly cost of a business loan depends on a number of factors. These include the amount you borrow, your interest rate, and repayment terms. Our calculator can help you estimate it.


Interest rates on business loans vary greatly. Depending on the loan and lender you choose and your unique situation, you may lock in a rate ranging from as low as 3% or one in the double or triple digits. Lendio makes it easy to find the lowest rate.

Some business loans require down payments while others do not. In general, however, the average down payment for a business loan is 10% to 30%. Keep in mind that a larger down payment will lower your overall cost of borrowing and save you some money.

You may borrow anywhere from $5,000 to $5 million. It all depends on your finances and the loan you choose.

To get a small business loan, shop around and compare all your options using Lendio. You can apply and get approved online without the time or hassle.

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