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New Survey Finds That Small Business Lending Remains Stable Despite Turbulence In Big Banks

March 16, 2023 – Lendio, the nation’s leading small business financial solutions provider, released the findings of a new polling in the top 21 lenders and funders …

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Collaboration Is The New Fintech Model

Lendio ended up partnering with 320 financial institutions — from big banks to CDFIs to regional lenders — to distribute $10 billion in PPP funds. The collaboration facilitated more than 200,000 PPP loans.


Why PPP Loan Applications Are Getting Stuck And How To Keep Yours Moving

Small business owners and the American economy needed this extension. And though it has passed, the extension doesn’t necessarily mean the process will be any less frustrating for those in need of immediate financial relief.


Colorado’s share of federal pandemic aid tops $37 billion, and more is coming

More than $37 billion in federal COVID-19 funds approved by Congress have made their way into the Colorado economy the past year, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

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The Next Generation of Travel Influencers: Tour Operators

“When I say it’s perfect, I could not have dreamed up a better itinerary for my first group trip,” influencer Hannah Heaume (@hannahrheaume) gushed into the camera for her 53,000 followers in June 2021. “We’re going to Bali, baby!” She’s… more…


What We Can Learn From Clara Brown

Clara Brown was born a slave in Virginia and later became an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist—and she is considered the first Black woman in the Colorado Gold Rush. Born into slavery in Fredericksburg, VA, in 1803, Brown was sold to… more…


Henry Ford’s Best Business Advice

You’ve probably heard jokes about the reliability of Ford vehicles. There are lots of reverse acronyms floating around out there, such as “Fix Or Repair Daily,” “Fast Only Rolling Downhill,” “Fails On Race Day,” or “Found On Road Dead.” But… more…

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