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Lendio Makes Strategic Move to Position the Brand for Growth, Strengthens Product Portfolio for Small Businesses

Aug 3, 2022 – Leading fintech company removes the “Sunrise by Lendio” brand, merges its free tools and enhanced SaaS subscription with its popular loan marketplace …

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The Post-Pandemic Future of Retail

The coronavirus pandemic changed the retail landscape almost overnight, shifting everything from how consumers shopped to what they bought to brand loyalty. As we move out of the pandemic and into a customer-centric, technology-heavy world, what should smart business owners… more…


Keep Your Zoom Camera Off: Guide to Zoom Etiquette

After your 5th (or 6th, or 7th) Zoom meeting of the day, you may feel like you’re just talking to yourself, especially when there’s a mix of people on calls with cameras on and off. While video conferencing tools like… more…


Is Your Company Offering False or Real Flexibility?

A great workplace doesn’t need beanbag chairs or sleep pods. It doesn’t need ping-pong tables or a beer fridge. It needs a healthy culture where employees are able to grow—professionally and personally. Too often, companies chase the startup dream of… more…

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Lendio Fuels Small Business: GKX Martial Arts

How financing and Lendio helped make the difference for an Austin-area business trying to weather a pandemic “Why martial arts? Because I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle—so I decided I’d do the best I could and train like them.”… more…

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