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K9 Lifeline

Dog training, boarding, and daycare facility expands business operations with Lendio.

Meet Heather Beck, Owner and Founder of K9 Lifeline and Heathers Heroes. Like many small business owners, the businesses had to shut down when the global pandemic hit, but Heather knew her community needed her. Watch Heather’s story and find out how Lendio helped her small business.

Heather Beck
Owner | K9 Lifeline & Heather's Heroes

K9 Lifeline

Reason for a loan

Business expansion


Pet Care





“Having funds from Lendio really helped us be able to push out our dog product line.”

Before Lendio

The business had basically shut down during Covid-19.

After Lendio

Expanded their product line, hired more people and started their own manufacturing.

K9 Lifeline’s Story

Heather Beck first started K9 Lifeline to provide a safe place for dogs to socialize and to help their owners create better relationships with their dogs so fewer dogs end up in shelters.

She came to Lendio looking for funds during the pandemic. Business had slowed dramatically, but she knew her community needed the services she offered.

Heather said the process of getting funding through Lendio was really easy with clear communication every step of the process.

“If I could describe Lendio with one word, it would be supportive…. Having those funds available really impacted how big that company is now,” said Heather.

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