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How This Nature-Focused Nonprofit Survived a Cash Crunch

Urban Patchwork, which helps schools create spaces that connect kids to nature, faced issues with a different type of green. So its owner sought financing through Lendio.


Urban Patchwork’s goal is to “strengthen and beautify our communities, expand our food system’s reach, and reduce the environmental impact of landscaping and agriculture.”

Reason for a loan

Working Capital




Austin, TX

“Lendio worked with me quickly and allowed us to get funds … and just gave us a buffer through the summer.”

Before Lendio

Facing a cash crunch, Urban Patchwork needed working capital to survive its off season. Seasonal businesses are often turned down for financing by traditional lenders.

After Lendio

The funds Urban Patchwork secured through Lendio helped it pay off its high-interest debt and hire a new assistant.

Urban Patchwork’s Story

Paige Oliverio started the nonprofit Urban Patchwork in 2009 with the goal of designing and building spaces that incorporate nature. But just like any other business, Paige found she had issues with a different type of green.

“People assume there is a surplus of grant cash just out there waiting to be claimed by nonprofits, but it’s not true,” she says. “It has to be run like a business. And like any business, keeping skilled staff, and the cash on hand to pay them, is hard.”

Paige persisted, eventually starting a for-profit spinoff of Urban Patchwork, working with a number of Austin-area schools to revitalize their campuses. After facing a shortage of working capital, Paige turned to Lendio for financing.

“Lendio worked with me quickly and allowed us to get funds for everything from paying off high-interest debt to hiring a new assistant,” she says, “and just gave us a buffer through the summer.”

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