A loan origination system specifically designed for the rigors of SMB lending.

Expand your small business lending portfolio with an LOS that cuts cost, boosts speed, and reduces your risk.

Lendio Intelligent Lending: The smart extension to your lending team.

Traditionally it has cost the same to target, qualify, and fund SMB customers regardless of loan size. Now, with Lendio’s LOS, you can fund smaller loans for far less.

Quickly identify qualified prospects.

Lendio Intelligent Lending works by pre-qualifying business loan borrowers in the background, analyzing customer bank transactions and cash flow to identify missed opportunities for lending.

Automate tasks and manage risk.

Lendio Intelligent Lending doesn’t just depend on credit scores—it reviews and validates internal and external borrower information, and can be configured to match your unique risk policies.

Expand reach without bloating costs.

With Lendio Intelligent Lending, you can reach more borrowers with the option to be placed on the Lendio Marketplace, which has funded 350,000 SMB loans worth over $13B through its lending partners.



Find qualified SMB borrowers with an automated pre-qualification system and pre-packaged marketing materials.

  1. Lendio Intelligent Lending automatically analyzes customer bank transaction data and cash flows to identify missed opportunities for lending and applies your bank’s risk rules to pre-qualify a borrower.
  2. It then generates a pre-qualified loan decision, including suggested maximum loan amount.
  3. Lendio Intelligent Lending generates a unique hyperlink that the customer can use to view and accept the pre-qualified offer.


Make offers with confidence with automated checks across multiple data sources.

  1. Lendio Intelligent Lending evaluates the borrower and business background, including an OFAC list check and checks for bankruptcy and delinquency.
  2. The system generates a soft offer within 15 seconds of receiving the application.
  3. The borrower can then configure the terms of the loan (amount size, duration, and payment frequency).


Lendio Intelligent Lending provides executive dashboards with deep insights, including:

  • Customers processed and pre-qualified
  • Pre-qualification rate 
  • Completed applications
  • Total count of pre-approvals and pre-approved loan amount
  • Averages of pre-approval loan amounts
  • Customer counts per funnel stage (e.g., pre-qualified, ready for the lender, approved)

There are different tiers available that offer different levels of customization. You can opt for the low-lift Lendio-branded integration that can be up and running fast, but we also offer a white-label option that can match your brand seamlessly.

As a SaaS solution, Lendio regularly enhances and upgrades the Lendio Intelligent Lending administration portal and user interface while minimizing disruption to both financial institutions and borrowers.

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