Lendio’s SaaS Embedded Finance Solutions

Learn how Lendio’s partners, from FIs to SMB service providers are funding small businesses right within their ecosystems.

Increase Lending Staff Capacity

Providing capital to SMBs has traditionally meant stretching lending resources thin. But with Lendio Intelligent Lending, lending teams can multiply the effectiveness of resources, supercharge loan volume, and accelerate the delivery of capital to SMBs.

Optimize Customer Experience and Boost Competitive Advantage

As economic conditions and borrower needs evolve, financial institutions (FIs) are under pressure to deliver great experiences at scale to stay competitive. In response, Lendio Intelligent Lending intelligently enables financial institutions to optimize borrower experience, drive customer loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Regardless of loan size, financial institutions (FIs) have traditionally paid the same costs to target, qualify, and fund new customers. But now Lendio Intelligent Lending is enabling FIs to achieve this for far less—overcoming the traditional cost barriers to customer acquisition.

Unlock New Markets and Revenue Opportunities

Traditionally, slim margins have steered financial institutions (FI) away from serving SMBs. But now, Lendio Intelligent Lending is enabling FIs to launch new products and tap into new revenue streams in previously cost-prohibitive markets.

Generating ROI in SMB Lending

Six hundred community banks funded $72B of small and medium business (SMB) loans in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. Many more banks are struggling to fully tap into this market where demand for capital remains strong. However, with the right technology, financial institutions (FIs) can supercharge their SMB business and drive profitable growth.

Move Faster with Instant Offers

When it comes to accessing capital, small and medium businesses (SMBs) want and need the funds fast. To capture the business, lenders must deploy automation tools that enable rapid response and accelerate offer generation and presentation.

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