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Funding for the Under Qualified

Solving one of the biggest problems in banking: how to help good business clients that don't qualify.

How We Help

Clear visibility into every deal.

The Lendio online portal allows you to send under qualified businesses to our lending representatives and track progress on those businesses in real time. You keep visibility into the business and loan progress throughout the process so you can continue to build your relationships.

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Is your strict aversion to risk harming long term relationships?

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Small businesses rely on you for their credit cards, checking accounts and other financial services, so naturally they come to you when they need a loan. Unfortunately, they often don’t meet requirements. Saying “No” to a business puts your relationship at risk. In a survey of 50,000 businesses, 74% of those surveyed would switch banks to get a loan. Lendio helps the business get the funds and you maintain the relationship.

3 Reasons Businesses Rely on Lendio

All Options: One Place

All Options: One Place


Lendio works with a network of best-in-class lenders that offer the full spectrum of lending options. With more finance options we are better able to find funding for businesses that might otherwise be turned away.

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Speed: Options <br />within Days

Speed: Options
within Days


Businesses need funding fast. Lendio uses advanced matching systems, paired with live representatives, to find funding in a matter of hours and days, instead of months. Because we work with a network of lenders, businesses only need to complete one application process to access multiple lenders.

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Trust: Focused <br /> on Win-Win

Trust: Focused
on Win-Win


We help thousands of businesses every month find financing. We know how hard it can be to find financing and how important it is to a small business owner. Our representatives work one-on-one with business owners to help them gather information, complete the application and evaluate options.

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How do you handle under-qualified businesses?

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The old approach is to politely show them the door telling them to make their way back in a few years. Industry leaders are starting new trends. By partnering with lending marketplace solutions (like Lendio) banks are able to help clients find funding, without taking on the risk and protecting the loss of other financial services (deposits, credit cards, etc.). Find out how we can help you protect your relationships and build future qualified borrowers.

How it Works

Lendio Small Business Loan Prospects

A. An under qualified business comes to you for financing.
B. You complete a simple contact form that passes information to Lendio.
C. Lendio searches its network of lenders to find the best option.
D. Funding is completed and you are notified.

With the new funding the business is able to grow and become more qualified for financing you offer.

Success Stories


"It's nice to have a source we can turn to when we have a borrower we can't finance internally. Lendio is a great resource to help us bridge the gap for borrowers we would otherwise need to turn away."

West Martin
Town & Country Bank, EVP Chief Lending Officer


Lendio is proving to be a very useful tool to help our loan officers keep track of all their interactions with our small business loan customers. We haven’t been using Lendio very long, but our loan officers like it and feel like it will help them further develop their portfolio of small business loans. It’s nice to see our lenders ditching the legal pads and leveraging the right technology to better manage their client relationships.

Jarod Phillips
Bank of Idaho, Director of Market Development


Lendio is a great tool for managing workflow and optimizing the efficiency of our origination team. But what really sets it apart is how seamlessly it integrates into our existing process and allows us to make our first contact with potential small business loan customers within moments after hitting ‘submit.’ I expect this software to help us better manage the process from lead to funding as we continue to focus on technology-driven account origination.

Jer Wood
California Business Bank, Senior Vice President


Lendio Pipeline for the Loan Specialist a new loan CRM, tracks business loan deals from lead to close. They shined at the ABA's financial technology showcase.

Phillip Ryan
Bank Innovation


The Lendio Pipeline system is a state-of-the-art sales management tool. If anyone is looking for a sales management tool that is easy and flows, this is the one. As a sales leader for over 20 years I can not believe this product. Trust me. Get the Lendio Pipeline system. It will be organization changing.

John Wilkening
First National Bank of Illinois, Senior Vice President


Lendio Pipeline for the Loan Specialist is much better than what I'm using today.

Brandon Sadler
Wells Fargo, SBA Business Development Officer