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5 Things You Should Know About Using a Lending Marketplace

Apr 26, 2021 • 3 min read
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      What makes a lending marketplace different from applying through a bank or a single lender? Excellent question. There’s a lot to love about lending marketplaces and the way they’re changing the borrowing experience. Here are 5 things every business owner should know about a business lending marketplace. 

      1. You Can Compare Options

      You would never book a flight by visiting one airline’s website and saying, “I guess this must be the going rate to Orlando.” Comparing options is a vital part of the process and ensures that you can find a flight that matches the price you want to pay and your scheduling needs. 

      A lending marketplace works the same way… but for business loans. The idea that you should have to pick a single lender and roll the dice on the terms you qualify for is, quite frankly, a little outdated. And it doesn’t usually work in the borrower’s favor. With a lending marketplace, you can compare multiple loan offers to ensure you’re choosing the right loan option for your needs. Through a lending marketplace, you can compare the interest rates, loan terms, loan size, and speed of capital of different offers to ensure you feel confident when you apply for a specific loan. 

      2. It Gives You Flexibility

      When you have multiple financing options, it can open up new ways to attack a specific problem. If you’re looking for financing to cover a large inventory order, for example, you may want a short term loan that gives you the capital fast so you can quickly repay the loan and move onto the next opportunity. Or you may find that opening a line of credit will allow you to make repeated inventory purchases. 

      Being able to compare financing opportunities gives you the flexibility to tackle your business challenges in different ways so you can find the strategic path with the highest payoff. 

      3. It Saves You Time and Effort

      With a loan marketplace, you apply via a single application to compare multiple offers. That’s a heck of a lot better than the typical 25-hour bank application that only gives you a shot at… one loan option. 

      What’s more, loan marketplaces typically prioritize your time and make that application short and sweet. We can only speak for ourselves here, but we’ve edited the process down to a single 15-minute application that can unlock offers from 75+ lenders. If you average that out, it means you spend about 12 seconds/lender on the application.

      4. You Can Rely on Expert Guidance

      When you apply through Lendio, we pair you with a team of experts to guide your application through the process. These experts can answer your questions, help you understand the pros and cons of different loan types, and be there to guide you through each step— from putting your documents together to submitting them for underwriting.

      5. You Can Find Funding That Matches the Speed You Need

      For some business owners, their first question is, “How fast can I get a loan?” For others, it’s, “How big of a loan can I get?” The beauty of a lending marketplace is that you can choose the option that best fits what matters to you. Need financing in 24 hours? Yup, there’s an option for that. Don’t mind waiting if it means you can secure a lower interest rate? We have an option for you, too. 

      A lending marketplace puts you in the driver’s seat for your financing experience. Ready for an experience that’s tailored just to you? Apply now. 

      Not sure how to choose the right lending marketplace? Check out our tips.

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