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How to Use The Commercial Mortgage Loan Calculator

Estimate Monthly Payment
Estimate How Much You May Qualify For
Terms and Explanation
How Commercial Mortgages are Calculated

Estimate Your Monthly Payment

To make the best use of this commercial real estate calculator, you’ll need to enter a few pieces of information. The calculator requires the following:

You’ll also be able to see an annual percentage rate (APR) to compare costs. Total interest can be calculated by subtracting fees from the total financing cost.

Estimate How Much You May Qualify For

You can also estimate how much you may qualify for if you take out a commercial mortgage loan. Once you fill out your information, the calculator will give you a range of dollar figures within which you may be able to borrow. This will give you an idea of the types of expenses you may cover and whether or not you might need to seek additional financing elsewhere. The inputs for this calculator include:

Business Start Date

This is the month and year your business officially started operations.

Annual Revenue

This refers to the total amount of money your business makes during a 12-month period.

Last Month’s Deposits

Last month’s deposits show how much money you deposited into your business bank account in the previous month.

Estimated Credit Score

This is where you select your business’ estimated credit score.

Terms and Explanation

Here are the essential pieces of information you’ll need to enter and notice as outputs on our commercial mortgage calculator.

Purpose of the Property

You will need to select how you intended to use the property. Will it be an owner-occupied property or investment property?

Amount Seeking

This refers to how much you’d like to borrow. Most commercial mortgage loans fall in the $150,000-to-$5 million range.

Loan Term

Loan term is the amount of time you’ll take to completely pay off your commercial real estate loan. In most cases, commercial mortgages are shorter than personal mortgages and offer terms ranging from five years to 25 years.

Bank Account Reserves

Bank account reserves are assets you have that can easily be converted into cash, like checking or savings accounts, certificates of deposit, or vested funds in retirement accounts. You will need to state how much bank account reserves you have in percentage form. The minimum is 25% of your loan amount.

Annual Rate

Annual rate is the price you pay on a yearly basis to borrow money. Your rate will depend on factors like your credit score and how long you’ve been in business. The higher your credit score, the lower rate you’ll likely secure. 

Estimated Monthly Payment

Estimated monthly payment refers to how much you’ll pay each month if you take out a commercial mortgage.

Total Repayment

Total repayment is the total amount you’ll pay on a commercial real estate loan, including principal and interest.

Upfront Costs

Upfront costs include any fees you might have to pay out of pocket to take out a commercial mortgage. These might include brokerage fees, appraisal fees, and legal fees.

How Commercial Mortgages Payments Are Calculated

Our commercial mortgage calculator estimates your monthly payment based on the following criteria.

1. Commercial Mortgage Amounts

In most cases, commercial real estate loans are anywhere between $150,000 to $5 million. Of course, the higher your loan amount, the higher your monthly payments will be.

2. Commercial Mortgage Interest Rates

Interest rates for commercial mortgages depend on your credit score and how long you’ve been in business. The higher your credit score, the easier it will be to lock in a lower rate.

3. Commercial Mortgage Terms

Commercial mortgage terms vary by lender. Typically, however, they fall in the five-to-25-year range. Terms between 20 and 25 years are the most common.


Terms for commercial mortgages are usually shorter than terms for personal mortgages. But typically they can be as short as five years and as long as 25 years. While a shorter term will come with higher monthly payments, it can save you in interest and lower your overall cost of borrowing.


Interest rates for commercial real estate loans typically fall between 2.2% and 18%. Your unique qualifications, the type of property your financing, and the lender you choose will all play a role in the rate you receive.


Most lenders who offer commercial mortgages require borrowers to have a minimum credit score of 660. While you might still get approved for a commercial real estate loan with a lower credit score, you’ll likely have to settle for a higher interest rate.

Compared to personal mortgages, commercial mortgage loans are more difficult to obtain. That’s because they’re more risky for lenders. The good news is, Lendio can help you find the perfect commercial mortgage loan, regardless of your situation. 

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