SBA Loan Payment Calculator

Learn More About SBA Loans & Payment Factors

No, an SBA loan is not a loan you get from the government. But you’re not the first person to think that, don’t worry. SBA loans are offered by lenders and guaranteed by the federal government – which basically just means the government pays the bank if you default on your loan. Don’t do that though. Seriously. We’ll help you get a loan you can afford.

Loan Amount

SBA doesn’t set a minimum loan amount but 7a loans have a $5 million cap. You should base your loan amount on how much money your business needs, how much your business can afford, the costs of the loan, the impact of the loan on your projections, and your future financing needs. And no, you shouldn’t base it on how much you spend on coffee each week.

Interest Rate

Both fixed and variable interest rate structures are available for SBA loans. Your interest rate will be composed of both a base rate and an allowable spread. And no, we’re not talking about sandwiches - an allowable spread is just the amount that your lender will charge you on the cost of the loan. Most SBA loans have a maximum spread of 2.25-2.75%.


The term, or length, of your loan will be based on the assets you’ll be financing, your ability to repay the loan, and what the loan will be used for. SBA has established maximum terms for certain types of loans, such as 25 years for real estate loans and 10 years for equipment loans. Once you apply with Lendio, you’ll have a better idea of what your loan term might be.
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