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How to Use The SBA Loan Calculator

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Estimate How Much You May Qualify For
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Estimate Monthly Payment on SBA loan

To make the best use of this SBA loan calculator, you’ll need a few pieces of information. This calculator requires the following:

You’ll also be able to see SBA fees and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to compare costs.

Estimate How Much You May Qualify For

You can also estimate how much you may qualify for if you take out an SBA loan. Once you fill out your information, the calculator will give you a range of dollar figures in which you may be able to borrow. This will give you an idea of the types of expenses you may cover and whether or not you might need to seek additional financing elsewhere. The inputs for this calculator include:

Business Start Date

This is the month and year your business officially started operations.

Annual Revenue

This refers to the total amount of money your business makes during a 12-month period.

Last Month’s Deposits

Last month’s deposits show how much money you deposited into your business bank account in the previous month.

Estimated Credit Score

This is where you select your business’ estimated credit score.

Terms and Explanation

Here are the essential pieces of information you’ll need to enter and notice as outputs on our SBA loan calculator.

Loan Amount/Buyout Amount

The most important input is the loan amount for which you’re applying. While most SBA loans go as high as $5 million, SBA Express loans cap out at $350,000. Your credit, cash flow, and how you plan to use the proceeds will determine the amount for which you’re eligible. If you’re buying a new business, you’ll need to enter the buyout amount.

Loan Term

Loan term refers to the estimated repayment term of the SBA loan for which you’re applying. In general, SBA loan terms go up to 10 years for working capital and up to 25 years for real estate. Keep in mind that the longer the term is for your loan, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Annual Rate

The annual rate on your SBA loan will have an impact on your monthly payments and your overall cost of borrowing. A higher interest rate will lead to higher payments and a more expensive loan. SBA loans are variable rate loans based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.

SBA Fees

SBA loans usually come with fees. If you choose an SBA 7(a) loan, for example, you’ll be on the hook for an SBA guarantee fee, which will be a percentage of the loan amount and depend on the size of the loan. There are also other various fees from the underwriting process.

Down Payment Amount

Down payments are now required for working capital loans. Real estate SBA loans require a minimum down payment of 15%, but may vary. Since you’ll pay this amount up front, you won’t need to finance it, and it won’t count toward the total cost of your loan.

Estimated Monthly Payment

This is the amount you’ll owe your SBA-approved lender each month. It includes payment toward your principal, interest, and guarantee fee, if applicable.

Total Repayment

Total repayment tells you the total amount of money you will have paid over the life of your SBA loan.

Estimated One-Time Fees

This will show you how much you may pay in one-time SBA fees, expressed as a dollar amount.

Estimated Down Payment

This will explain how much you will pay for a down payment, expressed as a dollar amount.

How to Calculate Payments for SBA Loans

The cost of SBA loans and monthly loan payments are usually based on the following.

1. Loan Amount & Terms

SBA loans cap out at $5 million, with maximum repayment terms of 10 years for working capital and 25 years for real estate.

2. SBA Annual Rates

Interest rates for SBA loans are standardized by the SBA and are based on the WSJ Prime Rate. Annual percentage rate (APR) includes all borrower costs, including principal, interest, and fees.

3. SBA Loan Fees

The most significant SBA loan fee is usually the guarantee fee. Guarantee fees usually range from 2% to 3.75% of the guaranteed loan amount.

SBA Loan Fees by Type

Here’s an overview of a few of the fees you might pay if you take out an SBA 7(a) loan, which is the most popular SBA loan.

Guarantee Fees

Guarantee fees are designed to cover the government’s costs in the event you default on your loan and the SBA must compensate the lender for their loss. These fees are typically between 2% and 3.75% of the guaranteed loan amount.

Packaging Fees

Packaging fees may be charged by lenders for putting your loan application together. They’re usually no more than 2%.

Extraordinary Servicing Fees

Extraordinary servicing fees compensate lenders for monitoring the value of your collateral and other special needs. These fees are typically no more than 2% per year on the outstanding loan balance.


Most SBA loans have a maximum loan amount of $5 million. The amount you qualify for will depend on factors like your credit, annual revenue, and what you intend to do with the funds.


Once you input information—like your loan amount or buyout amount, down payment percentage, and loan term—the calculator will generate an estimated monthly payment and total repayment.


Compared to other types of loans, SBA loans offer attractive interest rates. The rate you pay will depend on the loan program you choose, the loan amount and base rates, like the prime rate and Treasury rates.

While SBA loans usually require good credit and sufficient revenue, you may still qualify for one with fair or bad credit. Most loans require that you have a credit score of at least 640 and a monthly minimum revenue of $8,000, and have been in business for at least two years.

In general, the SBA loan approval process ranges from 30 to 90 days. Your loan type and lender, however, will determine the exact time frame.

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