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Lendio Knows Gas Station Small Businesses.

Whether you’re looking to add a location, expand your interior offerings, or better manage cash flow, gas station loans through Lendio can help. We know how the industry operates and can help you through the application and financing selection process.  

A small business loan can help you through tough times and guide you through the expansion process. With an experienced lending platform on your side, you’ll have multiple financing structures to choose from, making sure you’re making the best decision possible. 

Lendio is no stranger to funding for gas station business and the type of capital required to grow a profit-driven enterprise. Our network of preferred lenders makes it easy to submit a single application and receive multiple financing options to compare.

Why Lendio?

A Smooth Process from Start to Finish

With just a 15-minute application process and 24-hour funding once you finalize your gas station loan, you can rely on quick decision making, so you know exactly how to plan for the next phase of your business.

An Expert By Your Side

Every Lendio applicant gets partnered with a dedicated funding manager. That means you get ongoing access to an expert who understands your business and can answer any questions you have about your financing options.

Full Access to a Broad Lender Network

You want the most options possible when looking for loans for gas stations. At Lendio, we have over 75 lenders in our network that you can access with just one application. Not only do you save time, but you can also decide on the best option for your gas station business with confidence.

How Our Loan Matching Process Works.


Fill out our simple application.

Answer just a few questions about your business to see which lending products you qualify for. We’ve partnered with over 75 lenders, allowing us to find the best option or your business.


We’ll connect you with a funding specialist.

One of our funding specialists will reach out to you to get to know your business better. Since every business is unique, we want to make sure we find the loan type that’s perfect for your needs.


Compare loan offers.

Compare different offers curated for your business. Select the capital amount and rate that will help take your business to the next level.


Get funded.

We work with lenders that can fund you fast. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to access your capital in as little as 24 hours.

Types of Business Loans For Restaurants

Revenue-Based Financing

Your gas station likely has an ongoing stream of revenue each and every day. If so, one financing option is revenue-based financing (also called a cash advance). You receive upfront funding that is repaid through a percentage of your daily sales.


1-15 months

$1 million

Term Loan

Term loans for a gas station offer a fixed payment structure, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay and for how long. Online term loans are fast and easy to apply for.


6 months-25 years


Line of Credit

Another financing option for gas stations and convenience stores is a line of credit. This gives you ongoing access to credit that you can tap into when you need it. As you repay your balance, your credit line is replenished to be used on other needs.


6-24 months

Up to $250,000

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Gas station owners can apply for multiple types of business loans to help finance their operations. Terms and repayment structures will vary by business loan type.


In order to apply for business financing with Lendio, you’ll need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Time in business of at least two years
  • $8,000 or more in monthly revenue
  • Minimum credit score of 680


Most small business loans have few restrictions on how the funds can be used. You can add additional quick food offerings, even out cash flow, or potentially acquire a new location. Just be sure to check your loan terms to see if there are any conditions on using the funds. 

A lending marketplace like Lendio connects you with a network of lenders through a single, 15-minute application. It also provides a funding manager to support and guide you as you apply and navigate the funding process.

8 out of 10 Lendio employees* or their families own a small business.

*based on 136 Lendio employees who responded to an internal poll

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Applying is free and won’t impact your credit

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