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Looking for financing for your Frisco small business? Find out what your loan options are and which ones would work best for you. 

Business loans in San Francisco made for your business.

San Francisco is a beautiful and vibrant city, but it presents some challenges for small businesses. A business loan can help you get ahead.

Types of loans in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a terrific place for business, but it can be expensive. Don’t fear, though, because a business loan can help get your operation up and running.

SBA loans

A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan is a business loan serviced by a private lender but partially guaranteed by the federal government through the SBA. They are popular, especially 7(a) loans, because the interest rates are often relatively low. One possible downside: the application process can be seen as burdensome.

Line of credit

Similar to how a credit card works, a business line of credit allows your company to make purchases on credit, up to a set limit, and pay down the balance, plus interest, afterward.

Term loan

If approved for a term loan, your business receives a lump disbursement that you repay, plus interest and fees, over several years in monthly installments.

Equipment finance

If you finance equipment, you can use it and start profiting from it right away and pay for it gradually in installments.

Accounts receivable financing

You can apply for accounts receivable financing if you have money owed to you due to unpaid invoices. The loan will be based off these invoices. 

Local small business loan options in San Francisco.

Several local organizations provide small business funding resources in San Francisco.

Working Solutions is a great resource for small business loans, not just for San Francisco, but for the entirety of Northern California. The organization’s goal is to provide funding for businesses that have struggled to obtain financing elsewhere.

Perfectly in line with San Francisco’s obsession with disruption, Kiva Zip is an innovative funding option for small businesses, crowdfunding a pool of money which is then disbursed in microloans to eligible companies.

San Francisco Launch is another non-profit aimed at small businesses, and it aims to offer loans specifically to companies that spur job growth in low- or moderate-income areas.

San Francisco City’s Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) and Emerging Business Loan Fund (EBLF) are lending programs designed to provide loans to small businesses in the city.

The Bank of San Francisco provides a variety of loan options to small businesses in the city, including SBA loans, revolving lines of credit, commercial real estate loans, and more.

As a Small Business Association (SBA) preferred lender, SF Fire Credit Union provides SBA guaranteed lending solutions to San Francisco small businesses.

Redwood Credit Union offers multiple loan type options to small businesses in the San Francisco and Bay Areas, including SBA 7(a) and 504 loans, term loans, lines of credit, and more.

How to apply for a small business loan.

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See which credit cards you qualify for before choosing the one that best suits your business needs and offers the cash rewards you’re looking for.

Get funded.

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FAQs about small business loans in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Office of Small Business is not just a necessary visit for tax IDs and permits, but also provides a healthy amount of resources from counseling to city data to how to find financing. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is a very active chapter, and it provides a special section of resources for entrepreneurs from traditionally underserved communities. The San Francisco Economic Development Alliance (SFEDA) is a hub for business resources, many of them free, including help with developing business plans and ongoing mentorship.


San Francisco is still utilizing state COVID-19 recovery funds to offer microgrants to small businesses that have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. For companies looking to construct a physical location or renovate an existing storefront, the city’s SF Shines Storefront Improvement Project has grants specifically for these projects. Small businesses that have been in the city for 30 years or longer can apply for a special Legacy Business Program grant to keep chugging into the future. The city also has special grants created for small businesses looking to improve their accessibility.


A small business loan in San Francisco can be used in many different ways, but you should focus on how the funds can help support your company’s future growth. A business loan can fill in funding gaps caused by a cash crunch or be used on expansion, by attracting great talent, opening a new location, or developing a new product. Some small business loans, like revolving lines of credit, are great for seasonal businesses, while others, like a term loan, are built for companies that are planning decades into the future. How you use a business loan in San Francisco will depend on the nature of your business, your industry, and your immediate needs. Fortunately, you can see a bunch of your options within minutes for free on Lendio’s online platform.

To qualify for a San Francisco business loan, you must first decide on a company structure—you may wish to operate as a sole proprietorship, or you might want to incorporate. Depending on the structure, you might have to register with the California Secretary of State. Many businesses will have to register with the City of San Francisco as well, and you will want to find out if you have to apply for any licenses. Once your company is legitimate in the eyes of the law, you can see if you qualify for funding. Financiers differ, but many will expect you to have a detailed business plan and promising financial reports. Your personal credit score will also have a large effect on your approval odds.  

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