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5 Signs It’s Time For You To Become An Entrepreneur

Aug 11, 2011 • 3 min read
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      Many people wonder whether they should become an entrepreneur or not.

      It’s a complex question. A lot of factors will influence your decision: your marital status, the number of children you have, your monthly expenses, etc.

      If you have a “regular job” on top of these factors it can be tough to know when, or if, you should try your hand at entrepreneurship. However, if you find the list below reflects your current work experiences, your answer should come fairly easily. Even if you have all kinds of things going on, now may be the time!

      First Sign – moving from job to job

      You’re already thinking of quitting a new job. You might be getting bored or feeling stuck with a boss who is a total jerk. You’re planning to quit after you find another job. But in six months, the same “bad luck” could happen –- you’re bored, working for a jerk, quitting, and moving on.

      This could go on for a while. Honestly, you’re not the greatest employee. Admit it. “Bad” employees can make great entrepreneurs, though!

      Second Sign – day dreaming at work

      You daydream while working. A lot. You spend time talking to/meeting with people about your new business or idea while you’re working for someone else. Your nights, weekends and free time are consumed with your business or business idea.

      This may have been going on for months. Sadly, for some people, it goes on for years. But it’s not fair to your employer and it’s not fair to your business or idea. It’s REALLY not fair to you.

      Third Sign – no passion

      You feel like the work you are doing for your company isn’t valued. Ask yourself: Do your ideas get ignored? Do you know (deep down) that you could do a lot more for them than they let you? Are you watching the clock hit 5 pm so you can get out the door right away?

      How long have you felt this way? If it’s been a while, then you need to do something about it. I can promise you this – if you become an entrepreneur, 5 pm will become a meaningless time of day to you.

      Fourth Sign – getting fired?

      You just got fired or you’re probably getting fired. Many great entrepreneurial stories are started by someone being forced into entrepreneurship. If you find yourself among the unemployed and a job isn’t right around the corner, then you may want to start a business.

      Sometimes we find success out of necessity. And an income is a necessity. Finding work in your own home would be a fabulous solution to unemployment, wouldn’t it?

      Fifth Sign – you’re ready!

      You have been talking about starting a business for a long time. You have a business name chosen, a legal entity registered, a Web domain purchased, an email address set-up, a product or service you have been tweaking, a logo designed, a business bank account set-up, business cards, a matching Twitter name reserved, financial projections and a website ready to go live.

      Well, congratulations on being a “ __ .” You want to be an entrepreneur, I know. But you won’t be until you push the ON button and go live. Chase customers, pay bills, and take some real risks. You’ve seen the signs. It’s time!

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