7 Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week #32

eyeball worthy links lendioEvery Friday we list 7 of the best stories we’ve read throughout the week. Most have something to do with small business and getting funding or business loans. Sometimes we add something else that’s completely off topic.

Enjoy the stories below and please share something you’ve read this week.

Enjoy the 32nd edition of Eyeball Worthy Links of the Week:

    1. What is the Truth About Bank Lending?CNBC — This article tells the both sides of the coin about why banks aren’t lending more. Legislatures have been putting pressure and regulations on banks, and banks are telling everyone to back off so they can free up their funds. It’s a good article to understand more about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    2. How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy — Both Sides of the Table — “Raising money is hard. And when you’re relatively new to the process it’s easy to be confused by the process. There is all sorts of advice on the Internet about how to raise capital. Of course much of it is conflicting.”

    3. US Economic Confidence Rises to Seven-Month High — Inside Main Street — “The Gallup Economic Confidence Index improved to -27 in the week ending Jan.8, according to Gallup.com, continuing the steady improvement in the index seen since the summer, when it fell below -50. Americans’ economic confidence is now the most positive Gallup has measured since May 2011”

    4. Lawmakers withdraw support of anti-piracy bills after online protestCNNTech — “Some lawmakers are rethinking their support of controversial anti-piracy bills that led to some websites shutting down in protest.”

    5. The Traditional Media Buying Agency Is Dead — Business Insider — “We’ve seen a lot of change in the media business over the last 10 years. One of the biggest evolutions was the formation of the media buying agency.”

    6. N.Y. Small Businesses Shunned the Most by Big Banks — CreditUnionTimes — “While it may not be much of a surprise to credit unions that some banks are not eager to approve funding for small businesses these days, the rate of rejections might cause some alarm.”

    7. Volkswagon Super Bowl Teaser: Dogs Bark the ‘Imperial March’AdWeek — “No one must be feeling more pressure than Volkswagen as we head toward Super Bowl XLVI, given the intergalactic success of “The Force,” its record-breaking spot by Deutsch from last year’s game. So, what are they planning for an encore?

    Now it’s your turn. What did you see this week that is worthy of everyone’s eyeballs?

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