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The Best Bookkeeping Software for Growing Businesses

3 min read • Aug 08, 2019 • Jesse Sumrak

You’ve likely heard the paradoxical phrase: “It takes money to make money.” That’s not an excuse to go throw around cash willy nilly, but it’s a justifiable reason to spend your cash on wise investments.

Growth happens when you spend your money in the right way to allow your business to make more cash. On the other hand, failure follows when you consistently spend your money in the wrong way and your business loses cash as a result. Small business owners must walk a fine line between growth and the risk of failure to find success—and that’s where bookkeeping software comes in handy.

Raise your hand if any of the following are true:

  • You’re not an accounting expert.
  • You don’t particularly like numbers (especially math).
  • Your financial records are all over the place.
  • Your business is on a tight budget.
  • You have too much to do and too little time.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, your small business may benefit from using accounting software. The best bookkeeping software for growing businesses will save you time and money while helping you walk the delicate tightrope between growth and failure. Here’s how Lendio’s simple invoicing and reporting makes it all happen.

More Time to Focus on What Matters Most

Formatting invoices and organizing business documents doesn’t make you money (directly), but these necessary activities are part of running a business. Unfortunately, these tasks chew up valuable time. Lendio’s Software has a few features that’ll clear your plate of mundane tasks and get you back to growing your business.

With smart invoicing, you can use Lendio’s software to create beautiful, professional invoices in seconds. Yes, seconds. Just create your customized invoice (logo and branding included), email it in a click, then get paid online. Rinse, repeat, and reap the rewards of saved time. Plus, you can schedule recurring invoices to automatically bill your clients and charge their credit cards so you never miss a payment.

If you have customers in different states or countries, Lendio’s software can automatically calculate exchange rates and apply the appropriate sales tax rates based on your customers’ location. That means less Googling and calculator work and more focusing on the big picture of your business.

Data to Support the Right Decisions

Cash flow issues are one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. It’s not always a lack of cash that’s the problem—it’s mismanagement of that cash. With better insight into the ins and outs of your money, you’ll be better equipped to make the best decisions for your business. 

Because the answer isn’t always to spend less money–it may be to spend more money in the right places. Lendio’s software integrates with your bank and credit card accounts to automatically import and categorize all of your expenses, so you can use your time sifting through insights instead of organizing spreadsheets. This information is where you’ll find growth opportunities and the data to back them up. 

Maybe you have a tad too many golden geese supporting the business and need to expand your clientele. Or perhaps margins are shrinking because expenses are gradually rising. With Lendio software’s detailed financial reports, you’ll be able to seize opportunities and eliminate waste to keep your business on track.

Growing businesses don’t need sophisticated accounting software—they need simple, easy-to-use solutions. And that’s where Lendio’s software shines. Get out of the books and back to running your business with bookkeeping software built for small businesses.

Bookkeeping not your jam? Outsource it to the professionals. Lendio provides professional bookkeeping services to take one more thing off your plate.


Jesse Sumrak

Jesse Sumrak is a Social Media Manager for SendGrid, a leading digital communication platform. He's created and managed content for startups, growth-stage companies, and publicly-traded businesses. Jesse has spent almost a decade writing about small business and entrepreneurship topics, having built and sold his own post-apocalyptic fitness bootstrapped startup. When he's not dabbling in digital marketing, you'll find him ultrarunning in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Jesse studied Public Relations at Brigham Young University.