How to Start a Successful Delivery Business

Jun 2, 2020

How to Start a Successful Delivery Business

The entry barrier for starting a small business varies drastically depending on the industry you will be operating in. At one end of the spectrum, you have complex endeavors, such as restaurants. To start an eatery, you often need to secure a location, obtain licenses, pass the health code, buy expensive equipment, set up a dining room, and figure out your supply chain.

Delivery business can be much easier to run because there’s less overhead and fewer hoops to jump through.

“If you want to launch a small business with minimal startup fees, a courier service or small-scale delivery service might be your best bet,” says a startup analysis from the Houston Chronicle. “You won’t need to spend much on equipment, there aren’t any education or experience requirements, and you have countless potential customers at your fingertips. To get your courier service off the ground, you need a vehicle, dolly, and cellphone.”

This guide will walk you through the key steps required to get your delivery business rolling. There are no universal road maps for this process, so it’s important to connect with a trusted mentor who can help you navigate the inevitable challenges and surprises that arise. If you don’t already have a mentor, contact your local SCORE office.

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Grant Olsen

Grant Olsen

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