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How to Create Brand Lovers — Entrepreneur Addiction #34 with B.J. Bueno

Apr 22, 2012 • 3 min read
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      Some brands get customers. The best brands create a cult following. To create those loyal followers — those brand lovers — the author of “Customers First: Dominate Your Market by Winning Them Over Where It Counts the Most” says you need to truly understand what motivates your most loyal fans, and then model your business after those relationships.

      In this interview with Bolivar J. Bueno, we dive into modeling your business around your most fierce, loyal fans and customers.

      About the Guest
      Bolivar J. Bueno’s clients include Kohl’s Department Stores, Scheels, CAT, Turner Classic Movies, Target, Wal-Mart, Washington Mutual, Toys-R-Us, JCPenny, and the L.A. Lakers. A lecturer and creative strategist, Bueno has been interviewed by CNN, USA Today, New York Times, and CNN en Español.

      Bueno is the author of “Customers First“, co-author of The Power of Cult Branding (Crown Business 2002), a work which received rave reviews from leading mavens like Al Reis, Jay Conrad Levinson, and Jeffrey Fox. He is also the author of the follow-up Cult Branding Workbook as well as Why We Talk: The Truth Behind Word-of-Mouth, a book that changes the way marketers think about word-of-mouth. Bueno is a board member of the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA) and a member of the Chief Marketing Officers board for international retailers.

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      • Who is B.J. Bueno?
      • Power of cult branding
      • How to create models of who your best customers are?
      • Modeling your business after your most loyal fans
      • Why customers have irrational devotion to brands
      • Having your best customers become fanatical followers
      • Measure business based on relationships, feelings, sentiment
      • Don’t listen to everyone
      • Listen to those ideal customers you want in the future
      • Don’t worry about nonbelievers
      • How to identify/create brand lovers
      • Humans want experiences, not just products
      • Which are your most profitable customers?
      • Which customers bring in new customers?
      • Can any business be a cult brand?
      • Belonging to a community of like-minded individuals
      • Why companies don’t know their best customers
      • What is the emotion you want your customers to have?
      • Modeling the customer of the future
      • When a frog becomes a prince
      • Bullzeye is worth a lot more than the perimeter
      • Beware the CEO’s ego
      • Have you looked at your garbage every day?

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