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Sep 26, 2012 • 1 min read
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      Earlier this week Brock Blake appeared on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network in an interview with Eric Dye:

      Brock Blake, the CEO of Lendio which is a free online service that helps businesses find the right type of loan within minutes joins Enterprise Radio. Brock Blake, is an expert at helping businesses find funding and answers some common questions about small business funding.

      Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brock Blake discuss the following:

      • Are most small business owners aware of the number of funding options available to them?
      • If they don’t know what options are available to them, how do they find out, or do most just go out of business because they don’t know what’s the options are?
      • Angel investing and Venture Capital dominate the headlines, but in your experience what percentage of businesses, especially main street type businesses, actually need angel or VC investment money?
      • It used to be that getting a business loan required the business to meet a series of strict guidelines that often eliminated them from consideration. Have things changed to make getting a loan easier?
      • Besides traditional bank loans, what other funding options or loan types are available to business owners?
      • In your experience, what is the average loan size businesses need to start, grow or keep their business going?

      Click HERE to listen to the interview.

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      Ty Kiisel

      Small business evangelist and veteran of over 30 years in the trenches of Main Street business, Ty makes small business financing and trends accessible in common sense language devoid of the jargon.

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