20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is quickly taking off as an alternative to traditional venture capital and angel investment money raising activities.

But despite the well-publicized success of projects like the Pebble: E-Paper Watch and Double Fine Adventure, it’s not right for every entrepreneur or business.

There are several factors to consider if you are thinking about using a crowdfunding model to finance a business, product, project, service or event. Following are 20 hard questions you need to ask yourself before diving into the wild world of RocketHub, IndieGogo or Kickstarter.

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20 CrowdFunding Questions to Ask

    1. 1.

How good is your idea – really?

    Are you certain that people will be interested in it?
    1. 2.

Why is your product, service or venture destined to sell

    – what value does it offer the customer?
    1. 3.

What differentiates your project from existing competitors, or alternatives that have come before?

    Are you utilizing an existing brand, IP or personality that has a pre-existing base of fans or consumers? (Using an existing, if perhaps older, brand or IP which consumers have fond memories of can be a very effective strategy.)
    1. 4.

Can you express your idea simply and at the same time get people excited about it?

    If not, it may be that the idea isn’t all that compelling, or that you may not be the right person to communicate or present it.
    1. 5.

Do you have something tangible to show when presenting your venture

    – some visual aspect of your project that can help other people visualize it?
    1. 6.

How well do you know and understand

    your target audience?
    1. 7.

Do you have confidence in your ability to reach out and connect with potential backers?

    Have you planned which vehicles you will use to reach out and connect with them?
    1. 8.

Have you calculated just how much money you need

    – truly need – to get your ideas off the ground?
    1. 9.

Have you factored in all financial variables

    , including the costs of reward fulfillment, payments to the crowdfunding service, and taxes?
    1. 10.

Have you been sensible enough to build a budget

    that allows for breathing room in certain areas, and factors in conservative projections?
    1. 11.

Are you positive that you can fulfill all your promises

    , including completing the project in the allotted timeframe, and delivering on all features and content covered in your pitch? Have you considered the impact on your product’s brand identity, or your own personal brand, should your campaign not succeed?
    1. 12.

Do you have some great rewards in mind to give backers and fans incentive to donate?

    Have you mapped out your reward tiers? How will you offer these rewards, and what dollar amount will you attach to them?
    1. 13.

Can you offer meaningful rewards

    at a variety of investment levels to attract all potential patrons?
    1. 14.

What specific or unique rewards will you use to get people talking?

    Can you create any singular ones that can be utilized in social media campaigns or for press outreach?
    1. 15.

Do you understand all the personal and professional demands

    that the process of running a crowdfunding campaign demands from creators? Are you prepared to put 110% effort into making your crowdfunding project a success?
    1. 16.

Do you have at least some marketing

    , public relations and social media connections and savvy?
    1. 17.

What promotional campaign activities do you plan to pursue

    leading up to and during launch? How will you keep the buzz going after your crowdfunding project debuts?
    1. 18.

Are you ready and able

    to take a big personal risk?
    1. 19.

Do you -– and at least a few other people — have someone you can look to for support

    , whether financial, emotional or otherwise – fully believe in your project?
    1. 20.

Who can you turn to for help

    , whether in terms of assistance with asset creation, financial backing, raising awareness or just help spreading the word?

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. WE ALL know that being in DEBT is bad! for everything. did i say everything? CROWDING FUNDING(aka IPO) IS AWESOME! DO NOT EVEN try to persuade that free money is better than loan! PLEASE CROWDFUND, LENDIO LEARN TO OFFER A NEW PRODUCTS INSTEAD OF A LOANS: OFFER CROWDFUNDING OPTIONS AND TAKE 10 PERCENT! I GUESS YOU GUYS didnt think of that, so if you didnt, ill take 15% of my idea. CROWD FUND by LENDIO call it FUNDIO! NO MORE LOANS! BASCIALLY IT IS FROM BIBLE TEACHING NEW TESTAMENT

    • GF Joe, what’s going on? Thanks for stopping by. Actually, we do have a couple crowdfunding partners in our system. If that’s the best fit for your business, go with it. However, it’s not the best for everyone. Many businesses have profited from getting a line of credit or a business loan so they can grow their business, get a purchase order, hire someone, or something else. Smart business owners understand that they can get a loan for $100 to make $200 (very generic example). So, get a business loan to grow your business — but do it smart.

      • yes loans are great when you know you ARE gonna make money, BE SMART, not dumb, borrow only when you KNOW, you will make money. Always great too to use OPM(otherpeoples money).a lot of great businesses today were started with loans; from family friends. SO be very SMART on how much you borrow and specific need of amount. Facebook didnt borrow a dime,thanks GFJOE.

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