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Turn Your Business into a Well-Oiled Machine with QMS Software

By Declan Peltier
Jan 10, 2014 • 2 min read
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      Businesses need to be as competitive as possible to survive in today’s marketplace. And, while there is no “secret formula” to guarantee success, there are tools and strategies to help you iron out those blips in your day-to-day operations that can put your ahead of the competition.

      One of the most comprehensive tools available is Quality Management System (QMS) software.  QMS software’s chief provision is arguably that it eliminates (or more accurately, is designed to prevent) human error by managing a company’s data, compliance regulations, performance and production levels, etc.

      Here are its key features, and how it can help your business operation become a well-oiled machine.

      Maintenance of Industry Regulations

      No matter what industry your company is in, you will be expected to comply with its standards. The medical field is particularly strict, for example, and industry standards and regulations are ever-updating. Good QMS software systems put forth by companies like MasterControl, update the cloud software system so that it knows what standards you are supposed to be meeting, and reports whether or not you are meeting such standards. Thankfully, it keeps track so that you don’t have to, and will alert you before disaster ensues.

      Document Control

      No matter what type of word processing software you use, QMS software will be able to store, process and deliver documents through its cloud-based system, making them accessible and available through its centralized repository without compromising document security. Through the QMS, documents can be routed, delivered, and approved, streamlining efficiency and cutting out the risk of documents getting misplaced, mis-sent, or lost in the shuffle.

      Risk Management

      A QMS system is able to track and analyze recurring issues in company procedure and operations. It unifies all risks-related activities in a single repository, producing a report of a company’s risk landscape so that you can modify or adjust operations and procedures to best minimize your risk and optimize your performance. It does all the back-end work, so you know where to funnel your resources and fix the problems at their source.

      Training Management

      QMS is as equipped to store and administer training tools to employees as it is to store other company documents. As such, it is able to streamline the training process and make it systematic and consistent. QMS software can also be used to grade online quizzes and tests, further expediting the training process.

      Complaint Management

      By integrating your company’s complaint management system into its overall quality system, you can more efficiently and effectively manage and handle client complaints. With this integrated system, no complaints fall through the cracks, and each can be dealt with and tracked through the system as it is handled.

      Declan Peltier
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      Declan Peltier

      Declan Peltier has been around the business block, so to speak. While spending most of his career working in the field of quality management and document control systems, Declan has focused his attention on writing and enjoys spreading his knowledge in the IT industry.

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