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How One Woman Left the Corporate World to Start Her Own Salon

Taryna Hanson of Salon De Cheveux recently sat down with us and talked about her story. Coming from the corporate world to the salon scene, she saw a need for a salon that treated it’s stylists well. Find out how she accomplished this dream in the video above or read the transcript below.

BURKE ALDER: Welcome to another Lendio Success Story. It’s my privilege today to be with Taryna Hanson from Temecula, California, and her business, Salon De Cheveux. Welcome to the program this morning.

TARYNA HANSON: Thank you, pleasure to be here.

BURE ALDER: It’s awesome to speak with you. This is always an inspiring part of the day for us, talking with business owners who are making a positive impact. Tell me a little bit about how you started your business.

TARYNA HANSON: Well, I was actually working in a salon here in Temecula. And I have always wanted to own my own salon. And so, it was one of those that I was just happened to be online at the same that a gentleman posted this salon for sale. And I was the first one to contact him. I met him on the 23rd of December 2011, and I bought the business January 23rd of 2012.

BURKE ALDER: Wow, talk about timing. You know, right before Christmas and everything. That’s great. Tell me why did you start your business? What’s the driving force behind wanting to do hair?

TARYNA HANSON: Well, I’ve always been in the corporate environment for years. I was CPA of corporations that my father and I owned. I didn’t really like the corporate environment, so I got into doing hair. I started with massage therapy and then went through and did the whole, you know, experience of doing hair, and barbering, and everything else. And then I was working for somebody else, doesn’t seem to work for me very well. I’m very much more an entrepreneur. And so, I wasn’t happy with the way that salon owners treated their stylists. They just basically treated them like dirt. I wanted to create an environment where my stylists could become part of a team, become part of a brand where they could excel at what they do best and be treated like humans, and enjoy what they want to do. And they come into the salon not because it’s their work, but because it’s their passion. I wanted to give them that environment. So, that’s my ‘why’. I wanted to make it better for them, and in turn, give me pleasure helping somebody else.

BURKE ALDER: How did you create that environment? Maybe give one story or two of how it’s been positive to them.

TARYNA HANSON: It’s definitely been positive for them. I’ve seen some of my stylists, they’ve really grown. A couple of my stylists are super young. They really didn’t know what they needed to do or how they needed to do it. So talking to the older stylists and then showing them the ropes and giving them the opportunity to grow. They’ve turned into pretty good little workers.

BURKE ALDER: That’s great. An inspiring story to go from; hey, this timing to – from the corporate world back to helping stylists and make people feel so good about their hair. I mean, I know a good hair cut makes you feel a hundred better in life. So, that’s great. Tell me, why were you looking for financing for your business?

TARYNA HANSON: Well, I needed to take my salon to the next level. And by doing that, I needed the capital to increase my presence with my stylists. And also, I needed to get some more inventory. I needed to redo the actual look of my salon. That’s why I needed it.

BURKE ALDER: Great. So just a quick update on the salon, using it to help improve the environment, probably some marketing, that’s great. Tell me how your experience was with Lendio?

TARYNA HANSON: It was fantastic. I actually will admit that when I first was contacted by Lendio, and I was explained how the whole process works, it sounded a little too good to be true, because it just seemed too simple. It was one-page that I filled out, sent six months of worth of bank statements, and I got a phone call at 3 o’clock in the afternoon saying, “Hey, I’ve submitted your application. I’m just waiting back to hear.” and I was actually picking up my daughter from school. In the time that I picked her up, I was talking to him on the phone. I got to my salon three minutes later, I got a phone call when I got to the salon and said, “Hey, guess what? I have an answer.” And I was like, are you for real right now? So it was the coolest thing ever. And then that was on Thursday, and the money was deposited on Monday.

BURKE ALDER: Wow, that’s great.

TARYNA HANSON: It was pretty cool.

BURKE ALDER: So, would you recommend this whole process? I love your smile and laugh. That’s why we do this. That’s what gets all of us here at Lendio at work is to make you smile at the speed and the way that we take care of you. So, would you recommend this to other business owners?

TARYNA HANSON: Oh, absolutely. I mean, absolutely. I mean, I do understand the parameters. And I know that being a start-up; I probably wouldn’t have been able to get it because you need to have that background. And so, it was perfect timing for me because I’m going into my third year coming up in January. And so it were – it was at the perfect timing for me. Exactly what I needed and it’s awesome.

BURKE ALDER: Yeah, first of all I want congratulate you. That’s awesome to make it in three years. To take your passion and the positive impact you’re having there in Temecula, California. Appreciate your time today, on this Lendio Business Success Story here. I hope you have a great day. Thanks again for joining us.

TARYNA HANSON: You’re very very welcome, anytime.

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