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Lendio Success Story: Anamaria Delvalle of Elite Team Realty

I had the opportunity to talk to Anamaria Delvalle of Elite Team Realty about her experience with Lendio. Anamaria was looking to improve her building and consolidate some debt, and Lendio helped her find the loan she needed. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Lendio.

Tell me a little bit about your business.

I am a the owner of Elite Team Realty. My agents and I provide exceptional Elite service to the public to assist them with what is usually their largest investment, real estate.

Why and when did you start it?

I opened my office on May 13, 2011. After seven years of working for a major real estate firm in the Manahawkin area and working with a builder in new construction for one year, I decided to branch out on my own, knowing that I could do more for my clients and agents as a broker/owner; opposed to working under corporate rules and restrictions.

3c77cd2f-b56a-4d9d-96f3-932bc2127504How did you get the initial capital to start your business?

I used my IRA funds that I saved up for 18 years working in the fashion industry in Manhattan. I also decided to use the same bank that was selling the property. Since I could not get a conventional loan from anyone, I thought outside the box and went to the seller direct. The seller happened to be a small bank and even though the interest was very high, I knew that eventually I would refinance the building where my office is located. And I used that to complete the commercial building and use the capital for my company.

What keeps you going? What’s your passion that drives your business?

My passion is knowing that I am helping people achieve their biggest goal in life and that is to be a homeowner. I meet people from all walks of life and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to put a smile on a buyers face or help a seller sell their home so they can move on and get to where they need to go. I also enjoy helping my agents succeed, and seeing them help other people gives me the same satisfaction.

What did you need funding for?
To consolidate some debt and make improvements to the building to bring in a new tenant into my building.

How was your experience with Lendio?
Quick and smooth, a very easy process and my contact agent was wonderful to work with. Lendio assisted me with my current finances and enabled me to move forward.

How was your experience with your Lendio rep?

Susan is a lovely person. I have never met her, but her sales approach is similar to mine. She really cares about people and wants to help them achieve their financial goals.

Would you recommend Lendio to a friend?


What general business advice do you have for other small business owners?

When you come across a road block, perseverance is key. Thinking outside the box, when you think no one can help you, has gotten me to where I am today, a proud owner of a real estate company that I opened during the economic downturn.  My business is now approaching its 5th year. It has shaped me into the person that I am today and I would not change anything.


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