Employee Retention Tax Credit Calculator (ERTC)

Get an estimate on how much money you could qualify for through the ERTC.

How The Calculator Works

The employee retention credit calculator relies on the following factors to determine eligibility for the ERTC and to estimate how much money you may qualify for.

W-2 Employees

Identifies whether your business had employees during 2020 and 2021.

Revenue Impacted By Shutdowns

This section identifies whether your business or a supplier or partner’s business saw a decrease in revenue due to a shutdown.

Revenue Decrease

Did your revenue decrease year-over-year for any quarter of 2020 or 2021?

Business Start Date

Depending on when you started your business, you may qualify for the ERTC as a recovery startup business.

Number Of W-2 Employees

The number of full-time employees you employed in 2020 and 2021 impacts whether you qualify for the ERTC and how much you qualify for.


The employee retention tax credit was created to help businesses who continued to employ full-time employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. Depending on eligibility, businesses may be eligible for up to $26,000 per employee retained.

Businesses have until April, 2024 to amend their 2020 tax filing and until April, 2025 to amend their 2021 filing to apply for the ERTC.

See If You Qualify For The ERTC

Lendio’s easy-to-use ERTC application is designed to simplify the process at every step.