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Flippin Flavors

MAY 2, 2022

Lendio is always there when I need…

Lendio is always there when I need funding and Jeff makes the entire process stress-free. Thank you so much for helping my restaurant so we can continue to grow.

Stephanie Jeanbaptiste

MAY 9, 2022

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, fast and reliable. Mitch cloward helped my small restaurant get the capital it needed. I truly appreciate it all.

Moni Tiatia

March 15, 2022

It’s the best lender company

Lendio was great, I had no clue it could be this easy to get funding. It was nice to see the different options and find one that worked out perfectly for our little restaurant. Bennett was amazing and didn’t force us into anything and found the PERFECT solution for us.

Lendio knows brewery small businesses.

Whether you’re opening a new brewery location or looking to invest in technology to reduce overall costs, Lendio can connect you with the right financing option. We know what it takes to open the doors and keep things rolling to grow a healthy, sustainable business with a product your customers love. 

Craft beer from independent breweries is a continually growing industry, and many owners may need brewery financing to help tap into new opportunities. And even after opening your doors, you’ll eventually need to repair and maintain all that equipment, like fermentation tanks and brewing kettles. Securing the right brewery financing is an important step in growing a successful business. 

Lendio is no stranger to funding for brewery operations and the type of capital required to grow a profit-driven enterprise. Our network of preferred lenders makes it easy to submit a single application and receive multiple financing options to compare.

Why Lendio?

Lightning-fast funding times

You never have to feel stuck in your brewery business because you’re unsure of when your loan funds will arrive. With Lendio, an application takes just 15 minutes, and, once you’re offered and accept financing, your funds can arrive in as little as 24 hours.

Personal support crafted just for you

When you submit your Lendio application, you’ll automatically be assigned your own dedicated funding manager. That way, you get support from someone who specifically understands your business and can answer questions that pop up about your options.

Dozens of lenders in one network

Lendio’s network has over 75 lenders with different specializations. so you can feel confident in finding a match that fits. Plus, it takes just one application to access the entire network. 

How our loan matching process works.


Fill out our simple application.

Answer just a few questions about your business to see which lending products you qualify for. We’ve partnered with over 75 lenders, allowing us to find the best option or your business.


We’ll connect you with a funding specialist.

One of our funding specialists will reach out to you to get to know your business better. Since every business is unique, we want to make sure we find the loan type that’s perfect for your needs.


Compare loan offers.

Compare different offers curated for your business. Select the capital amount and rate that will help take your business to the next level.


Get funded.

We work with lenders that can fund you fast. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to access your capital in as little as 24 hours.

What is brewery financing?

Brewery financing is a way to borrow money from a lender to help fund your business. With so many different financing options out there, you have plenty of choices to explore different structures, no matter how new or established your brewery may be. 

What can I use brewery financing for?

Brewery financing can be a game-changer in your brewing journey, empowering you to craft the perfect pint every time. Whatever your vision, brewery financing can help turn it into a reality. Here are some things you can use brewery financing for:

  1. Expanding production: Brewery financing can be used to increase your production capacity, allowing you to create more of your popular brews, or experiment with new flavors.
  2. Equipment upgrades: If you need to replace outdated equipment or want to invest in the latest brewing technology, brewery financing can provide the funds you need.
  3. Taproom investment: Whether you’re looking to start a taproom or expand an existing one, brewery financing can help create the perfect space for customers to taste and enjoy your unique brews.
  4. Marketing and branding: Use brewery financing to boost your brand visibility. This can involve everything from launching a new marketing campaign, to investing in a website redesign, to sponsoring local events.
  5. Inventory management: Brewery financing can help keep your shelves stocked with all the necessary brewing ingredients, ensuring you’re never caught short.

Types of business loans for breweries.

Asset- or revenue-based financing

Use revenue-based financing—or invoice factoring—to borrow against your future sales. With invoice factoring, a funder purchases an invoice from the borrower at a discounted rate. The business then pays back the funder as the business collects on the invoice. Revenue-based financing provides you with a lump sum based on expected future revenue.


1-15 months

$1 million (RBF); $50 million (ABF)

Debt financing

Debt financing provides the borrower with a fixed lump sum up front, which is then repaid with interest. Explore your loan options for your brewery with either a term loan or a SBA loan. An online term loan can usually be approved quickly. SBA loans are backed by the federal government and could give access to larger loan amounts with lower rates.


6 months-25 years

$5 million

Line of credit

Getting a line of credit for your brewery can help even out cash flow issues or keep you prepared for a financial emergency. Borrow as much as you need up to your credit limit, then repay to replenish your available credit. 


6-24 months

Up to $250,000

Equipment financing

Equipment financing can be an extremely beneficial form of brewery financing. Whenever you need to purchase a major piece of equipment, you can use the asset as collateral to keep financing costs low.


1-5 years

$5 million


Lendio has a few minimum requirements in place in order to apply through our platform. Minimum requirements start at:

  • A credit score minimum of 600 
  • Monthly revenue of $8,000 or more
  • Time in business of at least six months


A lending marketplace like Lendio connects you with multiple lenders, so you can find the best financing for your brewery with a single application. Then, a funding manager will be provided to guide you through the process.

An SBA loan is guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Because of this guarantee, rates are often lower, and you need a minimum credit score of only 640. Compared to online loans, however, the application process can be longer and more intensive.

Yes, there are multiple SBA loans to consider for your brewery financing. The most common options are:

  • SBA 7(a) With up to 10 years to repay the loan and maximum loan amounts as high as $5 million, the 7(a) can be used for working capital, debt refinancing, or asset purchases.
  • SBA 504 Designed for fixed asset purchases—like land, building, or machinery—this can be a great option for breweries. These loans go up to $5 million over a period of 10 to 20 years.
  • SBA microloans – With this loan type, a microbrewery or other small business model can borrow up to $50,000 for working capital, inventory, or equipment. 

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