Jun 5, 2019

Lendio Announces New Senior Vice President of Lender & Partner Strategy


Denada Ramnishta Will Lead Lender & Partner Acquisition for the Nation’s Leading Small Business Loan Marketplace

SILICON SLOPES, UtahJune 5, 2019 Lendio announced today that Denada Ramnishta has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Lender & Partner Strategy.

Denada Ramnishta headshotFormerly head of business development and partnerships, Ramnishta will expand her scope of duties to lead lender and partner acquisition strategy for Lendio’s next-generation marketplace model. The largest small business financing marketplace in the U.S., Lendio has facilitated close to $1.5 billion in financing through more than 70,000 loans.

As Lendio’s head of business development and partnerships, Ramnishta worked to increase collaboration through partnerships that benefit both the participating companies and their end users. She will now apply her philosophy of a holistic, 360-degree partnership model to lender strategy at Lendio, furthering Lendio’s ability to provide ongoing financing solutions for small business’ short, medium and long-term needs.

“I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of one-size-fits all, plug-and-play partnership models,” said Ramnishta. “To plant the seeds of success on both sides, Lendio will ensure that every lender and partner acquisition strategy takes into account company cultures, shared values and proper team alignment.”

The next phase of Lendio’s marketplace includes plans to deepen relationships with lending partners, fostering innovative solutions that increase customer satisfaction. Ramnishta will also focus on partner acquisition for lender services, Lendio’s sales as a service partnership model. A separate entity of Lendio’s marketplace, this newly-formed division performs the sales function of lending partners on a contracting basis. Harnessing Lendio’s knowledge of lenders, loan products and small business needs, this white labeled sales team helps to increase customer conversion rates for its partners.

“In the financial services space, trust and referrals are tantamount,” said Ramnishta. “Lendio does everything to ensure a positive and seamless experience for small business owners looking for capital, as well as for the lenders whose loans we originate on our platform. I’m committed to creating more win-win-win moments for Lendio, its lending partners and small business owners across the country.”

“Denada has worked hard to establish common ground, alignment and symbiotic relationships with all of Lendio’s partners,” said Brock Blake, CEO and founder of Lendio. “I’m excited to see how she applies these principles to providing top-notch services to a broader base of customers in the next phase of Lendio’s marketplace.”

As a fintech executive, Denada has led strategic partnerships with U.S. and international corporations, executing business strategies across borders and under challenging market conditions. Prior to joining Lendio, she acquired and managed strategic partnerships for American Express’ non-card lending division. She has a background in entrepreneurship, launching and co-founding businesses and management consulting.

A native of Albania, Denada received an MBA from Columbia Business School. She resides in New York and is a proud mother of two. She will be speaking about the keys to building successful partnerships in the small business space at TRANSACT Tech Atlanta on June 20.

About Lendio

Lendio is the nation’s leading small business finance solution provider. With its diverse network of lenders, Lendio enables small business owners to apply for multiple loan products with a single application. To date, Lendio has facilitated more than 300,000 small business loans for more than $11.8 billion in total funding, including $9.8 billion in PPP loan approvals as part of government COVID-19 relief. Lendio is a values-driven organization striving to provide equal access to capital to underserved communities and America’s smallest businesses. For every new marketplace loan Lendio facilitates, Lendio Gives—an employee-contribution and employer-matching fund—provides a microloan to a low-income entrepreneur around the world. More information about Lendio is available at www.lendio.com.

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