The Lendio Brock Blake Student Entrepreneur of the Year

The Lendio Brock Blake Student Entrepreneur of the Year

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2012 Lendio Student Entrepreneur of the Year Lendio is pleased to announce Ty Roney as this year’s Brock Blake Student Entrepreneur of the Year Scholarship winner. Roney, a graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU) is currently enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Utah. Lendio Entreprenuer of the Year Winner: Ty Roney Company Started During MBA: Red Wagon Toys “We made the scholarship available to college students all across the United States,” said Lendio CEO Brock Blake. “We want to reward someone who demonstrates a real entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to his or her education. With so many small businesses thriving in Utah, it’s no surprise to me that BYU and the University of Utah would foster the perfect environment for someone like Ty to become a successful entrepreneur.” Thank you to all the student entrepreneurs who participated in our 2012 scholarship competition. We received applications from all over the United States. It’s exciting to see so many entrepreneurial students actually living the American Dream. About Scholarship Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio, a company helping business owners find the right small business loans, once won a similar scholarship in an entrepreneur contest during college. He used the money to start his own career as an entrepreneur, and now wants to give back and help other aspiring business owners get a similar head start.
"It allowed me to focus on academics and our startup without the worry of a part-time, low-paying job. At the end of the day, I hope this scholarship will give future entrepreneurs the edge they need to be successful," Blake said.
The Lendio Brock Blake Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award  is a $2,500 scholarship to the student who has demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship in 2012. Quotes from the 2012 Student Entrepreneur Essays Student entreprenuers submitted a 500 - 1,000 word essay to scholarship(at) Click here for Official Rules and Terms This year's essays covered:
  • The student’s passion and commitment to being an entrepreneur
  • The challenge of juggling a startup with academics
  • Why the student wants to be an entrepreneur
  • Current business plans/ideas
  • The motivation behind being a business owner
  • High-level goals in the next 5-10 years
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur

If your essay is selected as the winner, we will contact you to receive:

Supporting Documents Required of Potential Winners: (a) One copy of Official High School or College Transcripts (b) Publicity/Liability Release (c) Copyright Assignment (d) IRS Form W-9 (e) Copy of United States Driver’s License (f) Headshot photograph in high-resolution, digitally as a JPEG or TIFF file


Who is eligible to apply? Any future entrepreneur who is currently attending a college or university, or will be attending within 1 year. How are essays judged? Essays are judged by creativity, specificity, and basic grammar. We are looking for future entrepreneurs with a vision to change their lives, and in the process, change part of the world. How is my personal information used? A minimum amount of personal information is needed to verify your submission and provide Lendio with a means of contact should you become a scholarship recipient. This personal information is used for our internal records only and we will not share your personal information with any third-parties. What scholarship awards are available? How do I redeem a scholarship? The winner will receive a $2,500 college scholarship that will be paid directly to the scholarship recipient’s college or university.

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