Intuitive Invoicing Software for Your Small Business

Streamline your invoicing processes with our software’s easy-to-use and powerful features. Collect payments online and take chasing down clients off the to-do list forever.

Create professional invoices with ease

Create custom invoices in minutes that will impress your clients. Even better, you only have to build them once. Save your favorites as templates and duplicate them with the click of a mouse.

Make it easy for your clients to pay you

It’s time to make paper checks a thing of the past. Now, your clients have the flexibility to complete their invoices online via credit card or ACH transfer, whichever they prefer. That way, you get the payment you deserve when you deserve it.

Save time with automated processes

Consistently drafting and sending emails to clients about their unpaid invoices is stressful and time-consuming. Use automation to set up recurring billing, automatic payments, and pre-programmed reminders.

Take advantage of powerful invoicing features

Automatic email reminders

Don’t worry about chasing your clients down for payment again.

Easy-to-understand formatting

Communicate your payment expectations to your clients as clearly as possible.

Customizable discounts

Incentivize timely or automatically recurring payments from your clients.

Invoice previews

Know exactly what your client will see before sending your invoice.

Automatic status updates

Get notifications as soon as your clients fulfill an invoice.

Customizable payment terms

Switch between terms like net-30, net-60, and net-90 at will.

Customizable manual reminders

Give slow-to-pay clients an extra nudge when necessary.

Create invoice duplicates and templates

Don’t waste time building invoices from scratch.

Convertible estimates

Seamlessly turn your initial project estimates into live invoices.

Invoice and bookkeeping integration

Automatically sync each invoice with your financial statements.

How Does Invoicing Software Help Small Businesses?

Collecting payments from clients can be surprisingly challenging. Every small business owner has experienced the frustration that comes from providing a valuable product or service and waiting days, weeks, or even months for payment. 

The right invoice software can help your small business avoid some of that stress. Collecting payment becomes effortless when you can automate the process from start to finish. For example:

The best invoicing software does more than reduce the work that goes into creating invoices and collecting payment. It also helps you get paid significantly faster, improving the timing of your small business’s cash flows.

Forget waiting for checks to arrive in the mail, taking them to the bank, and waiting again for the deposits to clear. With invoicing software, your clients can pay you almost instantly, and you can get your funds in days instead of weeks or months.

Last but not least, Lendio combines & streamlines your bookkeeping processes by automatically tracking the details and status of every invoice and updating your financial records accordingly.

Why a professional-looking invoice helps your business

Invoices are more than just a way to document transactions with your clients and collect payment from them. Just like your website, emails, and any other public or client-facing communications, they’re also a representation of your business.

As a result, investing in a small business invoicing software that can produce more professional-looking invoices may benefit you in similar ways, such as:

These may all be intangibles, but they manifest themselves in a tangible way. Making your customizable invoices look more professional can directly increase your client’s timeliness in paying you and smooth out your cash flows.

Benefits of using invoicing software

Invoicing software can be an invaluable tool for any small business. These are some of the most significant ways you can use them to your benefit.

Online invoicing options

In a world where convenience is increasingly in demand, online payment processing is no longer optional for many small businesses. If it’s at all possible for your business model, your clients will expect to be able to complete your invoices online.

If you can’t meet those demands, it’ll soon start to cost you business if it hasn’t already. Fortunately, invoice software is an affordable way to collect funds remotely. For example, the free plan lets you access our invoicing tool at no cost.

In addition, the convenience of the system isn’t just beneficial for your customers. It also means you’ll receive payment for your products or services more quickly, reduce the frequency of unpaid invoices, and improve your cash flow.

Streamlined invoice creation

It’s time to say goodbye to building invoices in a spreadsheet or document and emailing them to clients as a PDF. With invoicing software, you can effortlessly generate personalized and professional invoices in minutes.

Once you’ve created one with a structure that you like, you can save it as an invoice template and duplicate it for future transactions.

Not only will the software save you a significant amount of time and energy, but your clients will appreciate the increased quality of your documentation. Holding yourself to a higher standard of professionalism will only benefit your client relationships.

Automatic collections processes

Traditionally, the most frustrating part of invoicing is collecting from slow-to-pay clients after the due date has passed. You’ll inevitably run into those who have many other redeeming qualities but can’t seem to complete invoices on time.

That can have a significant negative impact on your business’s cash flow. If you find yourself going for weeks at a time without receiving payment for your products or services, it can cause a lot of financial strain and even push you into debt.

Fortunately, software can make the collections process the easiest part of invoicing. With it, you can schedule automatic follow-up emails that will go out to delinquent clients professionally and promptly without having to lift a finger.

Integrated invoices and bookkeeping

If your business sends invoices and purchases regularly, keeping your financial records in order can be surprisingly time-consuming. There’s a reason that full-time bookkeeping and accounting services exist.

When you use old-fashioned invoices, you create a lot of work for the individual in charge of revenue and expense tracking. They have to adjust the books for each transaction by hand, and there’s a lot of room for human error.

Once again, invoice software can help you automate the process, saving you or your accountant hours of work. Plus, when your invoicing feature integrates directly with your bookkeeping and accounting software, your Lendio account and records are always up to date.