Intuitive Invoicing Software for Contractors

Simple invoicing software for contractors. Spend more time running your business and less time on admin work with invoicing tools that help you look professional. Save time and keep your finances organized with an all-in-one invoicing software.

Invoices that look professional

Customizable invoice templates make you look more professional. It’s easy to make itemized invoices with Lendio. Add your own logo, brand colors, and fonts that fit your business.

Get paid faster

Offer the same payment options as your big competitors. Now, your clients have the flexibility to complete their invoices online via credit card or ACH transfer, whichever they prefer. If you have a Chase Bank account, you can get same-day deposits. Other bank accounts can have funds available within 72 hours.

Save time with recurring invoices

Save time by using recurring invoices for those repeat clients. Friendly reminders keep you from chasing down payments. Your clients even have the option to send payment automatically. 

Take advantage of powerful invoicing features

Automatic email reminders

Don’t worry about chasing your clients down for payment again.

Easy-to-understand formatting

Communicate your payment expectations to your clients as clearly as possible.

Customizable discounts

Incentivize timely or automatically recurring payments from your clients.

Invoice previews

Know exactly what your client will see before sending your invoice.

Automatic status updates

Get notifications as soon as your clients fulfill an invoice.

Customizable payment terms

Switch between terms like net-30, net-60, and net-90 at will.

Customizable manual reminders

Give slow-to-pay clients an extra nudge when necessary.

Create invoice duplicates and templates

Don’t waste time building invoices from scratch.

Convertible estimates

Seamlessly turn your initial project estimates into live invoices.

Invoice and bookkeeping integration

Automatically sync each invoice with your financial statements.

How do contractors benefit from invoicing software?

Whether you’re a solo plumbing contractor on your own or running a thriving construction firm, invoicing software helps you save time, look professional, and keep track of client payments. 

If you’re not using construction invoicing software, you’re probably still emailing PDF invoices to your clients. Maybe you’re even sending rough emails with a bulleted list of project costs. Either way, it’s time to upgrade your billing system. 

You and your clients deserve professional quality invoices. You’re not just doing construction. As a small business owner, you wear a ton of other hats too. Your clients expect professional work and your invoices should reflect that. 

Adding all of the project costs, sales tax, discounts, and due dates on your invoices is time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be a drain on your time when you use invoicing software. 

Construction invoicing helps you cover all of your bases without extra stress. All while making you look professional. Billing software for contractors also helps you win loyal customers who are ready to refer new business your way. 

When you accept limited payment options you limit your success. We’ve all avoided that one shop that only accepts cash. You’ve rolled your eyes when fumbling through your pocket after finding out your Amex card isn’t accepted. 

It takes away the convenience your clients value and makes it harder for them to keep choosing you. By using billing software with multiple payment options, you make it easy for clients to pay you and return for their next project.

Being in the construction industry has you working in new locations all the time. And you don’t always have time to sit down at a desk and handle your accounts receivable. With Lendio’s cloud-based invoicing software, you can send out invoices from anywhere.

How do professional invoices impact your business?

Often, people look for reasons not to trust a general contractor. A poorly done invoice only adds to that distrust. Building trust starts at the first consultation and it doesn’t stop at invoicing. 

An itemized, branded construction invoice puts your client’s mind at ease because it makes the job costs clear cut and easy to understand. 

You also want people to take you seriously as a small business owner. Showing up professionally means high-dollar projects, referrals, and repeat clients. Professional invoices tell your customers that you take your business seriously. 

Lendio’s construction invoicing software helps you streamline your invoicing process. When you provide an estimate using the software, it quickly transfers to an invoice without the extra work on your part. 

Our construction billing software makes it easy to keep track of multiple client payments by sending automated payment reminders. And it gives a clear view of unpaid invoices, overdue invoices, and what’s already paid.

Give your clients convenient online payments paired with a wide range of payment processing options. Lendio’s contractor software for invoices pairs with its built-in accounting software and expense tracking tools to make your job costing process simpler.

Benefits of using invoicing software

The best invoicing software for contractors is the one that fits the needs of your construction company.

Get paid online with multiple payment gateways

Getting paid in cash and checks is so outdated. Waiting for checks to arrive through the mail or receiving cash can impact your cash flow and slow down your work. Get paid faster and improve your cash flow with online payments. 

What makes Lendio one of the best invoicing softwares is the number of payment options available. You can accept bank transfers, credit cards, Stripe, Square Pay, or PayPal. And if you still want to accept cash and check, there’s an option for that too. 

Accepting these forms of payments through Lendio is often less expensive than other methods. In some cases, it’s faster too. 

When you use WePay, plus have a Chase bank account, you can receive a payment within 24 hours. If you have a different bank, you still don’t have to wait long, with a turnaround of 72 hours.

Reclaim hours of admin time

How much time do you spend creating invoices, sending reminders, and handling accounting? Invoice software gives you back time to handle your business. Reminders will help you track down late payments. Invoicing tools keep you from typing the same thing over and over. 

You can even optimize cash flow or streamline your bookkeeping with expense tracking and invoice integration. With everything in one place, you can quickly export the information you need for the construction project management software or inventory management. 

If you are sending out the same invoices each month, cut down your admin time with recurring invoices. You don’t have to remember anything. The reminders send automatically. To get paid on time, every time your clients can set up automatic payments in a few clicks.

Recurring invoices save you time

Invoice software also helps you by automating the parts of billing and accounting you’d rather leave to someone else. One of the best invoicing software features at Lendio is recurring invoices. Instead of entering the same information every month, just set it to send automatically at the same time.

Automate your billing and take the extra work off your hands. With automatic payments available in the client portal, your customers will be pleased to know you’ve made it easy on them too.

Invoices integrate with accounting software

Invoice software and accounting systems need to talk to each other. Why? Because they overlap in so many areas. When the two systems connect, it makes your life easier. 

You don’t have to waste time pouring over your receipts and figuring it out on your own. Accounting doesn’t have to be stressful. 

Lendio integrates your invoices with accounting software. It features tools like unlimited invoicing, expense tracking, and profit and loss statements.