Simple Invoicing Software For Freelancers

Get paid on time, every time with invoicing software that makes running your business easier. Designed to make you look professional, save time, and organize your business finances in one place.

Create professional invoices with ease

Make polished invoices with ease! Give your clients the best impression with custom invoice templates. Itemize your invoices with saveable products and services. Make it yours with a logo, brand colors, and fonts that fit your business.

Accept more forms of payment and get paid – fast

Stop waiting weeks to get your money. With Lendio, you can accept bank transfers, credit cards, Stripe, PayPal, and Square. When you use WePay those with a Chase bank account get same-day deposits. Other bank accounts have funds available within 72 hours.

Save time with automated processes

Don’t chase payments. Upgrade to Lendio Plus and set up recurring invoices instead. We’ll send a friendly reminder to your customers with the payment terms you set. Plus your clients have the option to set up automatic payments, helping you find some stability in the ever-changing freelancer world.

Take advantage of powerful invoicing features

Automatic email reminders

Don’t worry about chasing your clients down for payment again.

Easy-to-understand formatting

Communicate your payment expectations to your clients as clearly as possible.

Customizable discounts

Incentivize timely or automatically recurring payments from your clients.

Invoice previews

Know exactly what your client will see before sending your invoice.

Automatic status updates

Get notifications as soon as your clients fulfill an invoice.

Customizable payment terms

Switch between terms like net-30, net-60, and net-90 at will.

Customizable manual reminders

Give slow-to-pay clients an extra nudge when necessary.

Create invoice duplicates and templates

Don’t waste time building invoices from scratch.

Convertible estimates

Seamlessly turn your initial project estimates into live invoices.

Invoice and bookkeeping integration

Automatically sync each invoice with your financial statements.

How Does Invoicing Software Help Freelancers?

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a team of 20 with a lively Slack channel, invoicing software helps you save time, be seen as a professional, and keep track of what matters. 

Sure, you might have seen success with invoice templates in a Word document. Maybe you’re even sending your clients a rough email with your billable hours and a Cash App tag (yikes). You and your clients deserve better than that.

Let’s face it – you’re not just a freelancer. You’re a small business owner. Your clients want professional work from you and your invoices should reflect that. 

Invoicing software helps you show up as a professional. It also helps you cover all your bases. Which should include payment due dates, sales tax, itemizations, and discounts on your invoices without sacrificing time. 

Invoicing software also helps you create loyal customers. How many times have you avoided going to a store that only accepts cash? Or audibly groaned when a shop doesn’t take credit card payments? Limited payment options make it harder for your clients to keep choosing you. 

By using invoicing software with multiple payment gateways, you make it easy for clients to pay you and return for future business. Creating repeat clients is a priority for any freelancer. When you make it convenient to pay, it’s easier to send more work your way. 

Freelancing gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the world. Lendio’s cloud-based invoicing software helps you take care of billing wherever you’re working from.

Why a professional-looking invoice helps your freelancing business

There’s an ugly notion that “freelancer” and “professional” don’t belong in the same sentence. That doesn’t have to be true for you. You want people to take you seriously as a small business owner. Being professional translates to higher-paying projects, referrals, and repeat customers. 

Professional invoices help you demonstrate that you take your small business seriously. So your clients do too. Presenting a professional image is just one part of the picture. 

Online invoicing gives your customers the convenience of online payment along with a wide range of payment processing options. Lendio’s invoicing software pairs with its built-in accounting software and expense tracking tools to make your business finances simple.

Benefits of using invoicing software

The best invoicing software is the one that fits your needs. There are plenty of benefits to using billing software, but some options can be costly. Making them inaccessible for freelancers that are still scaling up. 

Free invoicing software like Lendio grows with small businesses. When you decide your business needs more than what the free plan offers, you can upgrade without breaking the bank. 

When you start using invoicing software as part of your business, you save time, get paid online, and have the ability to integrate your bookkeeping.

Get paid online

The days of getting paid with cash and checks are gone. Waiting for checks to make it through the mail or getting the dreaded post-dated check for your work is outdated. You could get paid much faster and easier with online payments. 

Part of what makes Lendio one of the best invoicing software is how many payment options we have. You can accept payments from bank transfers, credit cards, Stripe, Square Pay, or PayPal. 

The expense for accepting these forms of payments is lower than other options. In some cases, it’s faster too. When you have a Chase bank account, you can receive a payment within 24 hours.

Save time

How much time have you spent creating invoices, constructing reminder emails, and doing expense tracking? Invoice software gives you back hours of precious time. Automated email reminders save you from chasing down late payments. 

Invoicing tools keep you from typing the same information a thousand times. Expense tracking and accounting software ties in with invoicing to optimize your cash flow and easily export your tax documents when needed. 

If you have invoices that are the same each month, do yourself a favor by setting up recurring invoices. They’ll send out automatically. Your clients even have the option to set up automatic payments so you get paid on time, every time.

Set up recurring templates

Invoice software also helps you out with features that automate invoice creation. When you’re sending out the same invoice each month, you save yourself some time with recurring billing. It’s one of the best invoicing software features at Lendio. 

It takes extra work off your hands by automating your invoices so you don’t have to think about it every month. Your customers will be happy too with automatic payments available in their client portal. It’s a win for both sides.

Connect invoice payments to your bookkeeping software

You want your invoice software and your bookkeeping to talk to each other. Why? In short, because it makes your life easier. No more guessing about what your profits and losses are or pouring over stacks of receipts to figure it out on your own.

Lendio integrates your invoices with bookkeeping software. It features tools like unlimited invoicing, expense tracking, and profit and loss statements.