5 Signs It’s Time to Make a High-Level Hire—MSN Business on Main

1 min read • Sep 26, 2012 • Ty Kiisel

“When you’re the owner of a small business, knowing when to hire a senior employee isn’t always easy — but it is important. By freeing you to focus on high-value activities where you have true expertise, it can help you take your company to the next stage of growth or, in some cases, simply ensure its continued viability,” writes Randy Meyers for MSN.

Meyers spoke with Lendio CEO Brock Blake for insight into the hiring process for finding the right senior people and suggested:

Business initiatives yield poor results because you’re not an expert in that facet of your business. Brock Blake, co-founder and CEO of Lendio, an online service that helps small businesses find bank loans, says he decided to hire a vice president of marketing about a year ago after realizing that his own marketing initiatives weren’t helping the company meet its goals. “I wasn’t cut out for that job,” Blake concedes. “We were just going in circles.” After a three-month search, Blake found the right person to take the job, and the results, he says, have been phenomenal. “We’ve doubled in size, both in revenue and in our number of employees.”

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Ty Kiisel

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