Sep 13, 2011

BYU-Utah Rivalry is Alive at Lendio — 3 Years in a Row

Some have speculated that the BYU-Utah rivalry would fizzle out after Utah joined the PAC-12 and BYU went Independent in football.

At Lendio, nothing’s changed, however. With the Utah-BYU football game coming up this weekend, the pranks started today. Lendio employees walked into the office this morning greeted with:

See the Lendio Ute Fans Getting Payback with Goats

BYU-Utah Rivalry is Alive at Lendio -- 3 Years in a Row

It’s a tradition started two years ago. In 2009, the Ute faithful in the office through the first strike by painting CEO Brock Blake’s office office Ute Red. Brock played soccer for BYU and might be the most die-hard Cougar fan in the office:

In 2010 , Brock got his revenge. He turned the Ute-painter instigator’s Jaguar into a BYU shrine:

Will the Utes strike back?

Long live the BYU-Utah rivalry!

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  1. Even as a Utah fan, I think we are classless. I’m embarrassed for our organization, especially our proneness to bring on drunken fools that get kicked out of other schools for DUI’s, Marijuana, and general low IQ issues. Jordan Wynn would be good in the NFL Lingerie league………..

  2. Personally, I don’t care for either team. I prefer water sports, that require men to wear speedos. A lot easier on the eyes.

  3. If you even entertain the idea that BYU is better than Utah, you don’t know your history.

    Overall Wins:


    20 more wins??? yeah thats proof enough.

    Stats dont lie…….

  4. Utah = PAC 12 . . Nuff said

  5. Utah just feels bad for BYU. It’s kind of like beating up your younger less successful brother year after year…it just gets old, so you have to let him compete sometimes! Especially now that Utah is in the Pac12…we’ve already made them look desperate by forcing them to go independent and settle for the Armed Forces Bowl year after year. It’s just sad but we’ll keep the rivalry going to give BYU a chance to call their season successful, i.e. beating Utah.

    • wow. Looks like Kevin Nelson is hijacking everyone’s account. First Levi, now me. Not cool. You are stealing intellectual property Kevin. Brock wants to meet with you in his office, ASAP.

  6. My vote is for the Utes.

  7. I was always a fan of the Oregon State Beavers…


    Oooooooh man Alex, I am sorry about that, you had to bite the bullet bad on that one!!! I LOOOVE BYU, I actually flew out to Austin last week for the Longhorns BYU game. But seriously of all BYU vs. Utah office pranks I have come across, that one takes the cake!!!

    • Dan – you didn’t think getting Brock’s office painted floor to ceiling in red, with red candy, red pens, red window covering, stickers on the walls and doors, and everything else covered in red was pretty good? No matter what Brock did to my car, or what he did this year with the sod, I started it first with the red office :)

      • Alex – hahahaha yes painting his office and COVERING it TOP TO BOTTOM was HILARIOUS!!! One of the best pranks (pushing things to the limit) I have ever seen!!! We were here at work all talking about how awesome of a prank that was.

        I would love to see a video of Brock’s reaction when he came in and saw his Cougar blue office Ute red!!

  9. I personally love that Cory Butler Byrd trashed those police cars… #UteLivesMatter

    I’m more pissed that BYU’s average ACT score for new students is double that of Utah’s. Were smarter!

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