Entrepreneurs Have Chance to Win $1 million with Grow America

Grow America is a new organization aimed to help create new jobs and build the economy. And with it comes some great opportunities for business owners, including a chance to win an array of cash and services to grow their companies. Here are the details from founder, Alan Hall:

Entrepreneurs Have Chance to Win  million with Grow AmericaAlan Hall and Grow America announced Springboard competitions to provide $1 million in cash awards and services to entrepreneurs through 2012 and January of next year.

What is Grow America?

It’s a new organization emerging from Utah with an agenda to create new jobs, to lift local economies, and to celebrate entrepreneurship wherever it is found.

Grow America is the outgrowth of preparations that have been in place since for several years to create stronger and better ways to support entrepreneurs — all entrepreneurs— and to promote and support economic recovery through.
entrepreneurial growth.

“We strongly believe the key to economic recovery is entrepreneurial growth,” said Hall. “If someone has an idea, an early stage company, or an entrepreneurial dream, we want to provide them with the training and resources they can use to create or grow a thriving company, and to create new jobs.”

As an organization, Grow America has five components: Competitions, e-commerce tools, curriculum and educational tools, community support, and charitable giving. Their ultimate goal is to put America back to work, one company and one community
at a time. We want to provide the resources to create many new companies and to give many existing early stage companies the opportunity to grow and to thrive, whether they participate in the Springboard business competitions or not.

To date we have multiple founding partners in Grow America Springboard that include Zions Bank, Comcast Business Class, Comcast Spotlight, KUTV2, Utah Jazz and KJZZ-TV. All four events will be televised. We welcome additional participants, and we have room and need for many community partners as well.

To enter the competition

Are you ready to participate? To enter, or to get more information about the process and the competitions, you can go to http://growam.com. You can follow all updates at the GrowAm website as well, and can follow the progress of the Springboard competitions at @GrowAmerica and @AskAlanEHall.

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. In early 2009 a group of business analysts, marine engineers and maritime executives joined forces and started developing a software solution to create transparency, alignment, drill down to a personal level creating responsibility within the organization. In 2010 we launched our pilot software ShipStrument, a free software, manual data entry or excel upload, we tested the software gathering feedback from the companies using the tool and started developing our latest release IntelloShip. We released IntelloShip in January 2012 and gained proof of concept March 15th where we signed up our first paying client.

  2. your link to growam.com does not work

  3. This is not for all Entrepreneurs only those that are living in Utah.

  4. Is your competition International

  5. How do I participate in the competition to win $1 million with Grow America from Nigeria?

  6. I think this is a great idea, and I will be entering in this contest myself. We have tried to get help from all over and most of the time it turns out to be a waste of time. We pay the fees only to lose it all, to people who make you promises and keeps your money.

  7. Will this competition be avaliable in other states in the future. At this point only Utah residents can compete. If America is going to grow, it will take more than one state to accomplish this goal.

    Thank you,
    [email protected]

  8. The growam.com link in the last paragraph is broken. It appears to be mis-typed. It points to //www.lendio.com/%20/growam.com. As is obvious for readers, the website is growam.com. Looks like an exciting program.

  9. I am ready to submit an application for the Grow America entrepreneurs competition for my business that is just starting out ! Please.send.me additional information on how I can get involved in the competition. I want to change the direction of veterinary medicine hospital design. I hope that my design will be the Camden Yard Ballpark of veterinary medicine. And where the old becomes new again ! It is already open and 40% of the way done ! Check out the article/video – ‘pet project’ in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper website on March 12th 2012. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  10. I hope its in los angles soon

  11. Please notify me when you guys become international I am currently living in Houston texas and I have many ideas up my sleeve and I am currently working towards some things.Thank You

  12. I would love to know when you will be coming to the Kansas City/Overland Park area this seems like a great resouce for start-up and small businesses.

  13. We are a virtual team and thus would love to hire Utah residents to help us build out our web service that is helping all investors and traders manage risk better in the stock market. We need additional funds though for outbound marketing efforts and people to execute through on those. Would we be qualified to participate?

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