Mar 06, 2014

There is a Time and a Place for Everything Under Heaven

If the 1980’s movie Footloose taught us anything, it’s that there is a time and place for everything under heaven.  In the town of Beaumont, it was time for Kevin Bacon and his friends to finally have a dance.

In business and specifically in PR there are appropriate times to have specific conversations and other times where it’s not appropriate. You can do everything right in a new business meeting or a media interview and destroy it with one improper or inappropriate conversation.

In my experience, this happens more regularly than you’d think.  Most of the time when this happens, the offending party doesn’t even know or realize it’s happened but the reporter or potential new clients does and as a result doesn’t write about the company or engage in an ongoing relationship with that person.

Here are some tips to consider during the interview process or when pitching new business to avoid saying something inappropriate that may cost you desired media coverage or a potential new client.

One key to remember is that you’re always on the record.  A lot of these instances happen during lunch or dinner appointments where people let their guards down and think there are differing rules simply because an interview or meeting is over.  Don’t let the fact that you think a meeting is over or that the meeting has shifted to a social scene derail you from applying the tips above and keeping the conversation on a professional and appropriate level.

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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