Short Term Loan Calculator

Learn More About Short Term Loans & Payment Factors

Do you have short term financing needs? There’s a loan for that. Seriously. Short term loans can help you complete a quick expansion project, manage unexpected costs, or stay afloat during times of low cash flow. They’re like those inflatable life preserver thingies, except it doesn’t have to be an emergency for you to get one.

Loan Amount

Short term loans can be as small as $2,500 or as large as $250,000. Your loan amount will be determined by factors such as your business revenue, business history, credit score, and experience in your field, as well as how you intend to use the loan. Don’t worry, it takes less than fifteen minutes to enter all this information and see loan options from our 75+ lenders.

Interest Rate

Short term interest rates average 8-13% and are typically fixed. Fixed rates are awesome because they stay consistent throughout the life of the loan, so you always know exactly how much your payment will be. It’s predictable, which is just how you want it. Because let’s be real, the only kind of money surprises you really want are lottery winnings or windfall inheritances.


Short term loans have, you know, short terms in comparison to other loans. Most of them are 1-5 years and are backed by collateral such as a vehicle, property, or other tangible asset. Depending on what you need yours for, there are plenty of flexible options. Take a few minutes to fill out our magical online application and see what your individual term options are.
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