Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

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What is a Business Credit Card?

A business credit card is very similar to a personal credit card, only it is used for business purposes. It is a great way to get funding for unexpexted expenses as well as providing short and long term financing for purchases. Not technically a loan, it is a great option for businesses that don’t qualify for a traditional small business loan but still need to have access to some working capital.

Why Get a Business Credit Card?

A business credit card provides flexibility in funding. You can use it when you want or need, and the time it takes to get approved for a card is generally very quick. For newer companies or startups, a business credit card can be a great option. For businesses that are not well established it can be difficult to get funding by pursuing traditional loan options. Business credit cards are much easier to get approved for and provide a great deal of flexibility in how they can be used.

What Can You Use a Business Credit Card For?

Business Credit Cards can be used for pretty much any business expense you come across. From big one-time purchases, to regular small expenses, a business credit card is a great way to get financing when your company’s cash flow doesn’t have enough room to provide for your business needs.

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