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Applying For A Business Credit Card Using An EIN

Apr 30, 2024 • 8 min read
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      Because business credit cards don’t require collateral and are easy to use and apply for, they’re a very common way for small businesses to secure a boost of funding. If you’ve ever applied for a personal credit card, you know you need to input your Social Security number (SSN), a unique 9-digit number that identifies you as an individual with the United States government, including the Internal Revenue Service.

      For small business owners, there are other ways to identify yourself and your business when applying for credit cards—most commonly, businesses have an Employer Identification Number or EIN. You can apply for some business credit cards using an EIN, although in most cases—but not all—you have to provide a personal SSN as well.

      What is an EIN?

      An EIN is a 9-digit number (for example, 12-3456789) assigned to employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, certain individuals, and other entities for tax filing and reporting purposes,” the IRS’s official definition states.

      EIN-only business credit cards.

      EIN-only business credit cards.

      In general, it’s rare for individuals to apply for a credit card without providing their Social Security Number (SSN), even if they have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This is because most credit card companies require a personal guarantee, which necessitates an SSN. 

      Credit cards that only require an EIN are typically corporate cards created for large businesses with large revenue streams. 

      If your business qualifies, there are options from Stripe, Brex, and Ramp.

      Stripe Corporate Card

      This card is only available to current Stripe users who have received an invitation. The credit limit is based on the business’s payment processing and bank history. The card comes equipped with custom spend controls, real-time expense reporting, and integrations with Quickbooks and Expensify. Additionally, it offers 1.5% cash back on every business purchase.

      Brex Corporate Card

      The Brex Corporate Card is designed for startups, e-commerce, and tech companies. It offers higher credit limits, rewards on key business spending categories, and streamlined expense management tools. It doesn’t require a personal guarantee or credit check and offers 7x points for cash back or credits.

      Ramp Corporate Card

      Ramp offers a charge card for small businesses with unlimited 1.5% cash back. Applying requires no personal credit check or personal guarantee. The card comes with a dashboard for managing expenses and integrates with major accounting software. Ramp will accept applications from any incorporated business in the U.S. with at least $75,000 in a U.S. business bank account.

      EIN-only business fuel cards.

      EIN-only business fuel cards.

      Fuel cards are another option for companies with large fleets of trucks or equipment.


      AtoB’s fleet fuel card is accepted at 99% of gas stations nationwide and can be used for expenses beyond fuel such as repairs or road tolls. The card comes with an average fuel discount of 42¢ per gallon on truck diesel. Monthly card fees start at $15. While you only need an EIN to apply, the card will help you build business credit.

      Other small business credit cards.

      Other small business credit cards.

      The following business credit cards will require a social security number to apply.

      Capital One Spark 2% Cash Plus

      The Capital One Spark 2% Cash Plus is a straightforward option with 2% cash back on everything you spend. This is a charge card, so the full balance must be paid back in full each month. There is a $150 annual fee that will be refunded if you spend $150,000 or more each year.

      Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card

      Featuring no annual fee, the Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card is a popular option because of its competitive rates of 18.24% to 24.24%* and $750 bonus cash back.

      Capital on Tap

      Capital on Tap offers up to a $50K credit limit with unlimited 1.5% cash back and no annual fee. They review your credit history but use a soft pull that won’t impact your credit.

      Why is a social security number usually required for business credit cards?

      In most cases, you’ll have to provide an SSN on a business credit card application—even if you provide an EIN. Because credit cards are unsecured, credit card companies want to ensure someone is liable for the card’s debt, even if a business is dissolved. This personal guarantee is a layer of security for the credit card issuer.

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