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Fueling The American Dream: Cobb Dental Group

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate America’s independence and remember what our forefathers did for us so we could have the opportunity to pursue our dreams. Lendio is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs fuel their American Dream by finding them the capital they need for their business. We want to emphasize that anyone still has the ability to make their dream a reality by highlighting some success stories we have been fortunate enough to be a part of.

Cobb Dental Group

Dr Cobb - Cobb Dental

Rodney Cobb wanted to be his own boss and have his upward mobility determined by his hard work rather than by someone else, so in 1992 he opened his first office under the name Cobb Dental Group. Unfortunately, he did not qualify for a small business loan due to excessive student debt, so he had to use his savings to fund his initial startup costs. Though times were tough and money was tight, the desire to be his own boss is what kept him going during those initial lean years.

Years later, Dr. Cobb found himself in need of some higher tech equipment to maintain and improve the high quality of care he sought to provide but lacked the funds to do so. Through the help of Lendio, he was able to obtain exactly what he needed to keep his business going and elevate his level of care with the newly acquired equipment.

Small Business Loan Advice from the Professional

Dr. Cobb has a lot of advice for other professionals who may be seeking loans in order to achieve small business success. He recommends that entrepreneurs pay attention to the location. “Study the area before any financial commitment,” he says. “Study the demographics, find a mentor, negotiate a good lease based on the area, and hire friendly, reliable employees.”

Since opening his first office in 1992, Dr. Cobb has continued to follow his mission for providing quality in the dental profession. He achieves this by ensuring that his offices are comfortable and attractively decorated, and are staffed by competent and caring professionals. He is an avid community activist, a participant in Colgate’s “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” program, and a past president of the Angel City Dental Society, which represents African American dentists in Southern California.

Dr. Cobb’s parting advice is more general, and can be applied to just about any business, anywhere: “Never give up when the going gets tough and supply your customers with the excellent service they deserve.”

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