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Fueling the American Dream: Brulee Catering

At Lendio we pride ourselves in helping business owners and entrepreneurs find the capital they need to fuel their American Dream, and we love hearing the success stories of business owners we were able to help. To celebrate Independence Day and show that the American Dream is alive and well, this 4th of July week we want to spotlight some of our favorite success stories to show that no matter who you are, no matter your beginnings or current state, you too have the capability to make your business dreams a reality and become a living embodiment of the American Dream.

The Brulee Catering Company

Brulee Catering CompanyChalia Escalona was raised in Mexico where she desperately wanted to cook every recipe she could get her hands on, but had very little means to do so. She dreamed of one day being able to make the dishes she saw in cookbooks, but money was tight and access to the ingredients was rare. Thanks to the support of her aunt, she was able to spend some time in California where she finally had the means to really dive deep into her passion for cooking.

She went on to attend and graduate from MATC’s Culinary Arts Program, but tragedy struck when her daughter, Itzel was diagnosed with cancer and the medical bills began piling up. Her dream of running her own company had to be put on hold to tend to her daughter. However, Itzel knew of Chalia’s dream and encouraged her to follow through with it, even after she was gone. Chalia promised to keep chasing her dream and booked a catering job for a friend’s wedding. With the profit she made from that event, Chalia was finally able to start her own business.

However, with new opportunity comes new costs and necessities and she was in desperate need of crucial kitchen equipment to continue to grow her business. As fate would have it, she soon catered a Lendio company lunch where she discovered that she had more options than she thought and started down the road of finding and obtaining a small business loan suitable to her company’s needs.

Through Lendio, Chalia was able to secure the funds she needed to purchase the necessary kitchen equipment for her catering company and The Brulee Catering has been growing ever since. Chalia has since become a huge advocate of making dreams a reality and says to anyone seeking advice, “If you want to expand your business, there are funds to make it happen. Any dream that you can imagine, just act and make your business plan now to make things real.”

Chalia’s story is what Lendio lives for. We are thrilled to work with people like Chalia who have the passion and the drive to make a small business thrive, and are proud to see the fruits of the American Dream that we helped fuel. The Brulee Catering is now a highly rated, popular establishment in its hometown of Lindon, UT. Hats off to you, Chalia – we are sure Itzel is very proud of the business you have created.

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