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Lendio Success Story: Chris Millett of Science, Math and Technology Center of Excellence

I had the recent opportunity to talk with Chris Millett, who is founder, President and CEO of Science, Math, and Technology Center of Excellence. His business helps kids reach higher academic success, whether it’s with the ACT or SAT, or they just need help reaching the next level in school.

His passion is helping young people achieve academic success, so they can reach their full potential.

“I had one student who was failing her freshman level math class. Because of this, she was ineligible for volleyball, and she was an extremely gifted volleyball player. We worked with her, and we got her to pass the academic modules she needed to pass right at the last minute. She went on to lead her volleyball team to a state championship. She now has a full-ride scholarship at a university. That’s what keeps me going, seeing young people’s lives change for the better.”

Chris Millett, Founder of SMATCOE

Chris Millett, Founder of SMATCOE

Chris officially started SMATCOE in August 2014 to help kids in the Houston, Texas area. After a career in IT working for NASA and IBM, he wanted to pursue his passion of teaching. He had previously helped Atlanta area students work on their math and science skills, and he wanted to start something in Houston. After forming as a C-Corporation, he was able to use his 401k to get started.

When he was looking to expand his business through marketing, he started searching for small business loans online. He found Lendio, and a short time later, he had the money he needed.

“It was a great experience, my Lendio Loan Specialist, Lamont Mency, was able to approve more than I normally could have got. He was totally professional, he listened to me, and he tried to understand my business and my vision. Once he understood my business, he found me the right loan for where I was going with my small business. It was a very good experience.”

Because of the loan he got through Lendio, Chris has been able to purchase advertising space and run successful local marketing campaigns.

“I’ve already seen an increase in revenue, and I’m expecting a lot more as I continue my marketing efforts. People are starting to understand what my business is and how it can help their kids succeed in STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering).”

When asked for any advice he had for small business owners, Chris said, “Create a really good solid business plan, and know how you’re going to use your money. When it’s time to get a loan, find one that matches your vision for your business.”

You can find out more about SMATCOE at To get started with Lendio, visit


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