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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office space, cover payroll expenses, or invest in new technology, a chiropractic loan can help you achieve your goals. Choose the type of financing that makes the most sense for your business, rather than being stuck with a single option from one lender.

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping your practice up to date. Chiropractic financing can be used for a range of purposes, from software to furniture and anything in between. Qualifying for the right loan can also help you reduce unnecessary expenses, streamline your patient scheduling, and keep you on top of all the latest innovations in your industry.

Lendio is no stranger to funding for chiropractic small businesses and the type of capital required to grow a profit-driven enterprise. Our network of preferred lenders makes it easy to submit a single application and receive multiple financing options to compare.

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We work with lenders that can fund you fast. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to access your capital in as little as 24 hours.

Types of business loans for chiropractors.

Revenue-based financing

Also called a business cash advance, this type of finance for chiropractors gives you a lump sum of funding based on future revenue. The loan is then paid off in daily or weekly installments.


1-15 months

$1 million

Debt financing

Debt financing offers a fixed loan amount that is repaid in set monthly repayments. Online term business loans often have a quick and easy application and funding process, while SBA loans take longer, but may have more competitive rates. 


6 months-25 years

$5 million

Line of credit

A line of credit is similar to a business credit card. You draw money as you need it, and your available credit replenishes as you pay off the balance. It’s good for financial emergencies and ongoing operating expenses.


6-24 months

Up to $250,000

Equipment financing

Whether you need upgraded technology, chairs, or electromyography devices, equipment financing uses the purchased asset as collateral. This helps to keep interest rates lower, since the loan is secured.


1-5 years

$5 million


Chiropractic financing refers to any type of business loan or other borrowed funds used to support a chiropractor practice. Many small business owners in the industry use financing to help during periods of uncertainty or to upgrade and grow their practice.


In order to apply for a business loan through Lendio’s network, your business needs to meet a few minimum requirements including a time in business of at least six months with a minimum monthly revenue of $8,000. You’ll also need a credit score of at least 600.


With loans, lines of credit, and revenue-based financing, you can use the funds for just about anything related to your business, from working capital to expansion opportunities. With equipment financing, you must purchase a specific asset that is used to secure the loan. 

Convenience and timing are the biggest benefits of getting an online business loan. It takes just minutes to fill out a Lendio application and it’s all done on your preferred device. A funding manager is also there to support you throughout the funding process.

Backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), an SBA loan can help you qualify for funding when traditional banks would deny your application. You’ll work with a private lender, but the majority of the loan is guaranteed by the SBA. That lowers the risk for the lender and makes it easier for you to qualify. The downside is that both the application and funding times are extremely slow.

Most business owners choose one of the three following SBA loan types. A 7(a) loan lets you borrow up to $5 million for working capital, assets, or refinancing debt. 504 loans also come with a $5 million limit, but can help you purchase equipment or a building if you want an owner-occupied chiropractic practice. Finally, an SBA microloan has a maximum funding amount of $50,000 and is designed to help smaller businesses with working capital, inventory, or equipment.

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