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Whether you’re looking to launch a new project or simply guarantee cash flow for current staff and operations, nonprofit business loans are a strategic way to ensure working capital. Lendio helps match your organization with the perfect financing structure to meet your needs. 

Raising funds for a nonprofit can be challenging in financially sound times, and even more so in times of economic uncertainty. Nonprofit loans can be a helpful way to guarantee cash flow regardless of your fundraising efforts, but the options can be more limited compared to those available to for-profit businesses.

Lendio is no stranger to funding for nonprofit businesses and the type of capital required to grow a profit-driven enterprise. Our network of preferred lenders makes it easy to submit a single application and receive multiple financing options to compare.

Why Lendio?

Convenient and fast funding

Lendio helps speed up the financing process with a 15-minute online application and quick funding times. In fact, once you pick a nonprofit small business loan, you could receive funds in your organization’s bank account within 24 hours. No more waiting months for grant approvals.

Personalized support

Your dedicated funding manager is available to help you step by step through the application and decision processes. Whether you’re a small operation or have a large team to help choose the best lending product, it’s always helpful to have an expert on your side.

Diverse lender network

With over 75 lenders in the Lendio network, you’re more likely to find a variety of nonprofit loans to choose from.

How our loan matching process works.


Fill out our simple application.

Answer just a few questions about your business to see which lending products you qualify for. We’ve partnered with over 75 lenders, allowing us to find the best option or your business.


We’ll connect you with a funding specialist.

One of our funding specialists will reach out to you to get to know your business better. Since every business is unique, we want to make sure we find the loan type that’s perfect for your needs.


Compare loan offers.

Compare different offers curated for your business. Select the capital amount and rate that will help take your business to the next level.


Get funded.

We work with lenders that can fund you fast. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to access your capital in as little as 24 hours.

Types of business loans for nonprofits.

Nonprofit cash advance

As a nonprofit, you may qualify for a cash advance if you have a source of regular income. You will receive an advance based on expected income and then repay the money in daily or weekly installments. However, the number of cash advance funders who will work with nonprofits is limited.


1-15 months

$1 million

Debt financing

Debt financing provides a lump sum up front, which is then repaid in fixed, monthly payments. Online term loans can be another source of funding for nonprofits. However, many lenders only cater to for-profit businesses, which is why it’s helpful to work with a diverse lender network like Lendio.


6 months-25 years


Commercial real estate

Some specialty commercial real estate lenders will work with nonprofits. These loans can be used to purchase or refinance a commercial property.


5-25 years

Up to 65% loan-to-value ratio


A nonprofit loan is a business loan taken out by a not-for-profit organization. Not all lenders offer this type of financing, since nonprofits typically don’t have a straightforward revenue model. But it is possible to find financial institutions willing to work with nonprofits.


It depends on the lender. Minimum requirements start at:

  • A credit score minimum of 600 
  • Monthly revenue of $8,000 or more
  • Time in business of at least six months


It depends on the terms of the loan agreement. If you take out a loan from another non-profit or a community development financial institution, you may have specific guidelines on what areas the funding can support. A regular term loan, on the other hand, has very few restrictions, if any. 

Online business loans offer nonprofits fast funding to keep their programming on track. Instead of relying solely on grants and donations, you are able to diversify your working capital with an easy application process and quick funding times. 

Unfortunately, non-profits are not eligible to apply for SBA loans.

The SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) offers grants to non-profits focused on supporting entrepreneurs through training or counseling programs. You can also visit to search through a database of grants available to non-profits.

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