Resources for Working Remotely

How to stay productive, manage teams, and still find work-life balance
Remote workers
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Work From Home Like a Pro

Working remotely comes with challenges like maintaining connection within a team, communicating tone in digital connection, and establishing clear boundaries between your personal and professional lives.

Everything You Need to Master Remote Work

Remote work used to be a perk offered by some of the more forward-thinking tech companies. When the coronavirus pandemic upended everything at the beginning of 2020, it suddenly became the norm. Since then, some major companies, like Twitter, have announced that they would extend remote work options indefinitely. Many small businesses are following suit after an unexpected (and unexpectedly successful) trial run with remote teams.

Employees find that they are often more productive when working remotely. You don’t have to contend with the distractions of office chatter, and remote work acts as a natural deterrent for the dreaded unnecessary meeting. But, as any veteran remote worker will tell you, working remotely brings unique challenges.

When much of your communication is digital, how can you decipher tone? Is a team member angry… or are they just shooting off a quick message in between a million other tasks? As a manager, how can you maintain your team’s sense of community and connection when no one is in a shared location? What are the best tools, tips, and gadgets to set you up for success in a remote work environment?

To help guide you through the transition, we’ve assembled some of our most helpful resources to navigate the ins and outs of working remotely.

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