Accounting Software Made For Small Businesses

Your small business deserves an accounting software built for small businesses just like yours. Use software designed to help your business qualify for the best capital options with Lendio’s small business accounting software.

Small Business Accounting Software Made For Growing Businesses

Stop wasting time with manual bookkeeping or expensive online platforms that are too complicated for your business. Get accounting software made for small businesses’ growth, built by the #1 lending marketplace

Connect With Your Bank Accounts

Easily connect your bank account so your expenses and income are automatically imported. This streamlined process feeds into real-time insights that you can act on immediately, helping you stay on track and make strategic decisions for your business. 

Claim Business Write-Offs

With a linked bank account, you can easily match downloaded transactions with any transactions you’ve entered manually. A quick dropdown menu allows for fast and easy tax categorization so you can keep your expense tracking on track and easily see what areas you’re spending more on, which expenses are deductible, and so on. 

Generate Financial Statements

Quickly generate the financial statements you need for your small business. Lendio’s small business accounting software offers quick access to a profit and loss report, balance sheet, tax summary, and accounts receivable. With real-time reporting in your small business accounting software, you can easily check-in and understand the financial health of your business. 

Create And Send Invoices And Collect Payments

Create personalized invoices or estimates for your customers and easily collect credit card payments with the same small business accounting software. Add sales tax for each of your customers’ state locations, add discounts to specific invoices, and process refunds and returns. With a real-time view, you can easily see which invoices are unpaid, overdue, and paid on time. With Lendio, accepting payments and managing invoices is simple.  

Add Integrations To Customize The Software For Your Small Business

Payment integrations, like Gusto, make it easy to connect payroll tracking with your small business accounting software. With this integration, automatic calculation, filing, and payment of your taxes are also easy. Further, the customization of the Lendio platform is also available with Free Tax USA (a tax filing tool) integration. 

Take Advantage Of Powerful Bookkeeping Features

Customized invoices

Create personalized invoices and allow your customers to pay by credit card. To ensure you don’t miss a payment, set up a recurring schedule.

Create quotes and estimates

Easily create a quote or estimate to send to customers. Get it approved online and converted to an invoice with one click.

Financial reports

Understand the financial health of your business with reports like profit and loss, balance sheet, tax summary, customer statements, and accounts receivable.

View unpaid invoices

You will always know where your invoices sit – unpaid, overdue and paid.

Track expenses automatically

Simply link your bank account and credit cards and get your expenses and income categorized.

Process discounts and refunds

Add discounts to invoices and process refunds/returns with no hassle.

Add sales tax to invoices

Add different state sales tax and it will be added to the invoice based on your customers’ locations.

Taxes done right

Invite your accountant to access your transactions and financial reports and they’ll do the rest.

Security is the top priority

Your data is backed up to multiple data centers and encrypted. Export your data anytime because it’s yours.

Outstanding support

Your bookkeeping success is important to us. Please reach out if you need help, we are more than happy to assist.

What Is Accounting Software?

Accounting software helps you manage and record the day-to-day bookkeeping needs of your small business. The best small business accounting software connects to your bank account, helps you manage invoices and payments, and offers real-time reporting to give you clear information about the health of your business. It should also help you manage and pay your taxes. 

Accounting software often includes accounting tools that can make managing your day-to-day business easy and simple. Often these tools include balance sheets, income statements, financial statements for every quarter and year, information about your customers and their orders, and a platform that is easily accessed online by multiple users for your account. 

The best accounting software for small businesses will connect to your bank account to automatically match transactions and connect to your payroll system for easy payroll management. Tax accounting is also easier with automatic calculation, filing, and payment of your taxes at the right times during the year. 

How To Choose The Best Accounting Software For Your Small Business

As you research the best accounting software for your small business, consider the features that your business needs today and the integrations that will make your day-to-day bookkeeping both fast and easy. Look for accounting software that allows multiple users for your account if your finance team is larger than just yourself, allows branding customization for invoices and estimates sent to customers, and keeps fees low on both credit card and ACH payments. 

How Does Lendio Compare With Other Accounting Software?

With Lendio’s small business accounting software, you get access to the features needed to streamline your bookkeeping at a price for a small business. Most small business accounting software platforms only offer 5 billable clients, 1 user per account, and no brand customization. With Lendio’s free small business accounting software plan, enjoy unlimited billable clients and customized branding. You’ll also get access to advanced payments, multiple users per account, and discounts on credit card fees and ACH payments.

Lendio’s Small Business Accounting SoftwareOther Small Business Accounting Options
Number of billable clientsUnlimited 5 – 50 (depending on the account level)
Customize your invoice  brandingYesNo
Multiple users per accountYesNo
Advanced payments*Yes Add-on with a fee ~$20/month
Discounts on credit card fees and ACH paymentsYes, the lowest merchant processing fees on the market

Requires custom pricing
*Retains customer’s credit card information on file for recurring invoices.

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