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12 Best Job Boards to Post—and Find—Opportunities

Sep 29, 2021 • 6 min read
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      In a tight labor market, reaching out to qualified candidates right away is critical. Not all online job boards are the same, though—recruiting isn’t all about reach, as you also want to connect with the specific people with the right skills for the job. Here’s a selection of job boards for posting open opportunities, and good news: most are free or at least have a free option. They’re also great resources if you’re looking for new clients yourself—or even a whole new career.

      1. Indeed

      Indeed is a top player in the online recruitment sector, making it a great first place to reach a huge number of candidates. Indeed offers free posting but has a structured pricing program for boosting your job ad. The website also can pair you with job hunters who already have the qualifications you’re specifically seeking.

      2. Glassdoor

      Another commonly discussed job board, Glassdoor shares many of the benefits of Indeed. In fact, the 2 companies have partnered to allow for easier access for the millions of job hunters that use the 2 websites each month. Glassdoor has a strong reputation as a place to find manager-level talent—it’s also popular because employees can give ratings to their employers.

      3. MightyRecruiter

      MightyRecruiter is an applicant tracking system with free options available for small businesses. If your job ad is optimized in the right ways on MightyRecruiter’s system, it can be blasted out to 29 well-known job boards, including Indeed and ZipRecruiter. MightyRecruiter also offers features, like a resume library, that allow you to hunt down candidates.

      4. LinkedIn

      LinkedIn has established itself as one of the top online locales for hiring and finding jobs—the website is basically Facebook for resumes. Though posting job openings costs money on LinkedIn, each job posting finds a wide audience. Having an account is free, though, so you can hunt down potential applicants at no cost depending on your network.

      5. Google for Jobs

      Your listing might appear on Google for Jobs even if it’s also on another site—Google scours these boards for results when someone Googles, say, “Engineering jobs in Denver.” It’s worth learning how to optimize your job posting to appear close to the top of a Google search. Google is basically now the homepage of the entire internet—you probably want to make an appearance there.

      6. HandShake

      A system that works hand-in-hand with colleges and universities across the country, HandShake is a great option if you want to reach college-educated candidates. HandShake is free and offers many features similar to Indeed and LinkedIn but to a smaller, more targeted, and highly educated candidate pool. HandShake allows for messaging potential candidates and even virtual events.

      7. AngelList

      AngelList is a top job board for tech and startup workers—not just in Silicon Valley but around the country. It’s also popular for finding talent that wants to work remotely. Like Indeed or MightyRecruiter, you can peruse the resumes of passive job seekers on AngelList. This feature is more powerful because the talent pool is more specialized than a general job board.

      8. JobInventory

      An impressive free option, JobInventory has the clean look of Indeed but the cost of Craigslist. It offers simple, straightforward features—which can sometimes be refreshing, especially if you’re expecting a lot of applications. JobInventory is good for seeking out large groups of candidates with generalized skills.

      9. Monster

      In many ways, Monster pioneered the concept of an online job board and has been a favorite for job hunters for decades now, even if it isn’t quite as buzzy as Indeed or LinkedIn. The Monster app, though, is fantastic, and the website offers a 4-day free trial for interested job posters. Since it has been around for so long, the resume library at Monster is quite solid.

      10. Jora

      Setting itself up as an Indeed competitor, Jora stands out because it offers employers 10 free job postings every month. It’s also known for its global reach beyond the United States, if you wish to look far and wide for applicants.

      11. PostJobFree

      As the name suggests, PostJobFree has built its reputation on allowing employers to post job openings for free, but its clean look and easy-to-use interface means it’s also popular with job seekers. The site’s resume library is extremely impressive for a free website, making it a good resource to actively recruit potential hires.

      12. Guru

      If you are looking for freelancers or other independent contractors, Guru is a great place to hire—they have a long track record of satisfied gig workers and companies alike. You contract with freelancers through Guru’s platform, and Guru collects a small percentage from every invoice. Outsourcing this management to a platform like Guru has proven to be popular and time-saving for many operations. 

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