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Costco Business Offerings Beyond the Costco Credit Card

Mar 18, 2021 • 5 min read
Costco Wholesale Warehouse
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      Costco is known for its oversized shopping carts, vast inventory of bulk items, robust frozen food section, lively blender demos, and friendly employees checking receipts by the exit. And when health protocols allow for it, the store is also beloved for its cornucopia of free samples. You can spend an hour at the store and eat the equivalent of a full dinner (and a year’s worth of sodium) by sampling various meatballs, spring rolls, chicken tenders, corn dogs, and mini pizzas.

      But for business owners, there’s more than initially meets the eye. Did you know that there’s a Costco credit card and a wide array of Costco business offerings? From janitorial supplies to fleet vehicles, you’ll often find great deals on just about anything you need.

      Of course, it always helps to have a guide when you’re browsing the seemingly endless aisles of your local Costco. Otherwise, you might find yourself lost in the cavernous realms of the tire department when all you wanted was to buy a massive apple pie for your birthday. So let’s take a closer look at some of the best deals and most unique offerings.

      1. Janitorial supplies: There are lots of Costco Business Delivery offerings, including a wide selection of supplies for cleaning and maintaining your business properties. From trash bags to soap refills to all-surface cleaner, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.
      2. Office supplies: Even if you’ve moved your business operations from an office location to a home setting due to the pandemic, you’ll still find lots of Costco products to help keep things moving smoothly. Popular examples include ink cartridges, compressed air, batteries, and calculators.
      3. Office furniture: Your business is always going to have furniture demands, whether your office is in a standalone office downtown or in your basement. Costco provides a long list of quality products, including shelving, desks, chairs, tables, and file cabinets.
      4. Commercial appliances: Many businesses also need more substantial pieces of equipment and electronics. You may be surprised to learn that Costco has a large selection of high-quality appliances. For example, you can purchase refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, ranges, fryers, and dishwashing equipment.
      5. Vehicles: You can find new and certified pre-owned vehicles through the Costco Auto Program. For this unique business offering, Costco screens dealers to ensure quality and reliability before presenting them to you as a partner. Even if a dealership is approved, that doesn’t mean all their salespeople are part of the program. Only their best salespeople are selected, and you get the extra benefits of preferred pricing and customer service after the purchase.
      6. Water delivery: Need water? Costco’s network of trusted suppliers will bring refreshing H20 directly to your home or office. You can choose from an array of delivery settings and usually save money through the store’s buying power.
      7. Health insurance: Just as Costco offers 50 different varieties of meatballs in the frozen foods section, they have an ample selection of affordable insurance offerings. Through the CBC Health Insurance Marketplace for Costco Members, you can select from plans for medical, dental, vision, and more, then enroll your business.
      8. Credit card processing: There are lots of features in the Costco credit card family of services, such as payment processing. And the cost savings can add up quickly when you’re a Costco Executive Member. For example, you will have no application fee, no statement fees, no cancellation fee, no early termination fees, no annual fees, no reporting fees, and no additional authorization fees.
      9. Cloud-based phone systems: Costco has partnered with Intermedia to provide business communication services. These cloud-based phone systems offer mobile and desktop applications, connecting you with limitless calls within the contiguous United States. They help you keep your business connected and efficient, whether you have numerous offices around the country or are working from home. You’ll benefit from preferred pricing, expanded offerings, and 24/7 technical support.
      10. Identity theft protection: For a low monthly rate, you can get a Costco-backed subscription to credit monitoring and identity-theft protection. It’s a great way to keep yourself safe from criminals and avoid the expenses and drama that usually come from identity theft.
      11. Caviar: Okay, this last entry on the list is quite random. But that’s the point. If Costco sells tubs of top-grade Malossol Osetra caviar that can serve 30 people, you know they can help you with just about anything. So the next time you’re hosting a dinner for your highest value clients, maybe you should consider ordering this caviar. Just be prepared for sticker shock, as the package costs $1,299.

      There you have it! A veritable buffet of business value from Costco. You might never want to splurge on the tub of premium Russian sturgeon caviar, but there are certainly some perks here that could potentially benefit your business in 2021.

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