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Lendio Franchise Announced in Seattle Central Region

Mar 22, 2018 • 2 min read
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      Seattle, WashingtonMarch 22, 2018Lendio, the nation’s leading marketplace for small business loans, today announced the opening of a new Lendio franchise in Seattle’s Central Region. Through the Lendio franchise program, David Abramowski will help local businesses in the community apply for loans, review their options and secure funding, easing the financial hurdles for small business owners.

      Lendio is an online service that helps business owners find the working capital they need to grow their business through the company’s network of over 75 lenders. Funding options include SBA loans, startup loans, equipment loans, commercial real estate loans and more. In the last fiscal year alone, Lendio facilitated more than $300 million in funding.

      Since 2008, accessing financial capital for small business owners has been difficult. According to Edelman Intelligence, more than 40 percent of small business owners need additional funding for their business each year. Roughly 70 percent of small business owners aren’t aware that alternative lending sources exists.

      The Lendio franchise program makes business loans easy by helping small business owners skip the legwork of looking for a small business loan. Franchisees understand the needs of local business owners and can guide them through the lending process. By bridging that gap between the online lending marketplace and the small business owners, Abramowski will help open a world of funding opportunities for business owners in Seattle’s diversified local economy. Lendio Seattle Central will aid business owners in every industry, from shipping and construction to local restaurants and breweries.

      Abramowski is an expert in the art of small business growth. He’s been a CEO, marketing leader and business coach, helping companies in Seattle’s lively startup scene with their initial launch and growth phases. Working with numerous startups and managing his parents’ Polish restaurants, Abramowski is no stranger to the challenges of securing capital that most small business owners face. By bringing Lendio to Seattle Central, Abramowski will help alleviate common financing struggles while meeting the unique capital needs of local businesses.

      “I think I’m most excited about seeing companies grow and do what they want to do without being hindered by access to capital,” said Abramowski, President of Lendio Seattle Central. “Business owners need the freedom that cash flow provides so they can worry about their larger and more important aims.”

      “Eighty percent of small business loan applications are being rejected by traditional banks,” said Ben Davis, Chief Franchising Officer at Lendio. “Lendio’s core value is to give small businesses better access to capital, and we’re excited to expand our franchise program with David. We share a passion to see small businesses grow and make a positive impact on the U.S. economy, and the local community.”

      For more information on how to join the Lendio franchise program, visit:

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