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How Mobile POS Can Create Customer Engagement

By Kendall Reed
Mar 17, 2016 • 2 min read
Improving Customer Engagement with a Mobile POS
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      The more successful your staff is at interacting with customers, the more predictable (and successful) your business can become. Here’s a look at how mobile point-of-sale systems (POS) can create customer engagement.

      It’s a value-added feature your sales team can speak about. When you have a mobile POS, any member of your sales team is equipped to (literally) meet customers where they are in the buying process to streamline customer checkouts and eliminate wait times at the point of sale. However, your customer-facing sales team can also use mobile POS as a value-added benefit to engage customers in conversation — even when they come across customers who are “just browsing” or otherwise dismissive of a salesperson’s help. Because the mobile POS offers customers a convenience at no cost, salespeople can use the technology as a topic that will at a minimum, provide them the opportunity to introduce themselves to customers, and make them aware that they can meet a salesperson anywhere in the store when they’re ready to purchase.

      It offers a customized shopping experience. In addition to empowering customers to buy where and when they want in your store, a mobile POS system also allows your sales team to check inventory at multiple locations and check prices for instant customer assistance. If a customer is looking for an item that you don’t have in stock, a mobile POS allows your staff to complete the customer’s payment and ship the item directly to the customer’s home. A study conducted by research firm Gartner revealed that the ability to save a lost sale due to lack of inventory at a brick-and-mortar retail location is one of the biggest benefits mobile POS systems can offer.

      Once customers make a purchase, your staff can also consult the data in a mobile POS to make appropriate suggestions about items, based on the customer’s purchase history.

      It levels the playing field with e-commerce. Online shopping offers some conveniences that brick-and-mortar environments don’t — but e-commerce also requires that the customer take a leap of faith about a product’s quality, appearance and value. Mobile POS can deliver the best of both worlds for your customer while giving your sales team a competitive advantage over retailers that don’t have mobile POS.

      In addition to providing your sales team with instant access to features and benefits they can reference when speaking to a customer, your sales team can consult a mobile POS for notes and reviews that other customers who purchased the product may have left. Regardless of how skilled your sales team may be, opinions from other customers can help them close the deal. The experts at HubSpot report a study of more than 2,000 people that revealed nearly 80 percent of respondents check product reviews from other customers before buying.

      A mobile POS offers customers the ability to check out on their terms while arming your sales team with the information they need to assist customers and turn more browsers into buyers. The better your business is at serving customers, the more likely it is that they’ll return and build relationships with your staff.


      About the author
      Kendall Reed

      Kendall Reed is a Solution Marketing Specialist for NCR Counterpoint POS. NCR Counterpoint provides robust point of sale systems and retail management solutions that benefit small to mid-sized businesses across many industries.  

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